Skipping School

October 1, 2009
By Hannah Funk BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Hannah Funk BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Today’s the day; I can’t believe she’s making me do this. Jane thought to herself.
Today Jane’s best friend Kate was making her skip school, because Jane always complains about how she never dos anything fun and her life is so dull. Kate wanted to fix that.
Kate was tall and had long blonde hair with millions of freckles going across the bridge of her nose and on the apples of her cheeks. She was one of the nicest people Jane had ever met. Kate was a daring person and never cared if she got in trouble she always said, ”Oh it was worth it”, or “I’m not gonna live my life forever so I might as well do everything now.” Something like that. So she finally is going to make me do something Jane’s never done before.
When Jane got to Kate’s house she immediately said, “I changed my mind! I’m not going to do this! I can’t do it! I’m going to get caught! Kate, something bad is going to happen! There’s no….”
“Oh quit your babbling!” Kate snapped, “You have to do this! You need to have some excitement in your life!!”
“But what if my mom finds out? She would never let me leave the house again for the rest of my life!! … As if I’m not already trapped enough!” Replied Jane.
Jane was the girl that never did anything wrong. She always got straight ‘A’s. She was “the perfect child”; she always wore her perfectly straight brown hair half up and half down with a clip that matched her clothes holding it up. She always wore a perfectly pleated skirt and a white blouse with an unwrinkled cardigan sweater over it. Even though she was “the perfect child” she really didn’t want to be. She wanted to look and act like everyone else in her class. But whenever she got the opportunity she always backed out because she was too scared.
“Common’ Jane! Just get it through your head, you’re going to do this! I don’t even care what you want to do anymore, because you know if you don’t do it now your going to regret it forever! And what if u don’t get this chance again?” Kate protested.
“I know I just… I don’t know” Jane said.
“Yeah see! You can’t even think of a reason not to! So we are definitely doing this!” Kate said excitedly.
“UGH! Okay fine!” Jane finally gave in, “What are we even gonna do anyways?”
“Fun stuff… Probably go to the mall or something, just as long as we aren’t at school!” Kate said.
So they headed off to the mall. Not expecting to see anybody they knew Jane said “Oh my gosh! I think that was my mom!” As a silver Honda Civic drove by.
“No way! You’re just being paranoid!” Kate replied.
“I’m pretty sure it was her…” Jane said.
“Okay, whatever Jane!” Kate said as they approached the mall. They walked around from store to store. They went to all different kinds of stores like Pac Sun, Hollister, Finish Line, Aeropostale and many more. Then as they were walking into American Eagle Jane thought she saw her mom, but she didn’t say anything because she knew that Kate was going to say she was just being paranoid. She’s probably right Jane thought. Anyways my mom is working today! She couldn’t be here at the mall.
So they kept looking around a little longer in American Eagle, then they decided to go to Famous Footwear. Jane saw the woman again. This time she was almost positive it was her mom this time. So she whispered to Kate, “Kate, I really think that lady over their two rows away from us, in the bright purple shirt is my mom!”

“Wow… that really does kind of look like her…” Kate said in a very worried voice.

“Umm… YEAH!” Jane said, “We should really go somewhere else quick! I really cannot get in trouble! Oh-no! That is her!!”

Jane’s mom looked up right then! “Jane! Kate! What are you girls doing here? At the mall? You’re supposed to be at school!!” Jane’s mom said in a furious but confused way.

Kate quickly replied, “Hi! How are you? Wow never mind. Umm…” Kate was in loss for words.

“Mom you don’t understand!” Jane said.

“Oh I understand!” Jane’s mom said with a very disappointed look on her face. “You guys are skipping school! I am very surprised! Not so much with you Kate, but Jane! Really? I cannot believe you are doing this!” She grabbed their arms and pulled them out of the store, out of the mall, and to the car.

The first five minutes of the car ride were the longest 5 minutes of their lives. Not one word was said and then Jane finally spoke up, “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t think…”

“You didn’t think! You’re absolutely right, you didn’t think.” Jane’s mom said, “Jane I really thought you had better judgment than this!”

There was more silence.

“Kate I’m calling your mom and telling her to come pick you up right away. I need to talk to Jane.”

Kate replied in a quiet voice, “yes ma’am.”

The rest of the car ride was so quiet you could here everyone breathing. When they finally got to the house, Jane’s mom said, “Jane, go to your room. Kate, you can sit in the living room. Your mom should be here soon.”

Jane walked upstairs to her room. Her stomach was in knots and she had no idea how her mom was going to let this one go. How am I going to explain this to her? She thought. I am going to be in deep, deep trouble!

Kate left and Jane could hear her mom walking up the steps, her heart was pounding fast and loud like the pound of a drum. Jane’s mom walked in and said down on her bed.

“Jane is everything okay? Why would you do something like this? Is there something happening at school that you didn’t want to be a part of today?” Jane’s mom said calmly.

Jane looked up in tears, “Mom, I’m sorry I know this was a bad idea and I shouldn’t have done it… but sometimes I just feel trapped! And you are never gonna let me grow up!”

“Well honey, sneaking out of school isn’t gonna make you grown up.” She said.

“I know, I know!” Jane said, “It was stupid! And I’m never gonna do it again!”

“Well if your felt like I was holding you back why didn’t you say so?” Jane’s mom said.

“Because! I thought you would be mad or upset!” Jane said.

“No! You should have told me! What do you want to change?” Jane’s mom asked.

“I don’t know I want to be able to pick out my own clothes!” Jane said.

“Okay, you can do that! We can go shopping this weekend, and you can pick out your own clothes” Jane’s mom said sounding very enthused.

“Thanks mom!” she said.

Jane’s mom smiled and hugged her, “You’re very welcome.”

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