The Change

October 1, 2009
By JessicaTrundle BRONZE, Ogden, Kansas
JessicaTrundle BRONZE, Ogden, Kansas
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Who was Molly? Molly was this all around fun person, even though she spoke her mind, she was loud, she had her own style, and well she was just, different. All the other girls would call her weird just because she had a unique personality. Molly wanted to have a lot of friends, she wanted to be popular, she wanted to be recognized, but how could she?

With only a few more weeks of summer, school was right around the corner, Molly and her family had just moved, it was a new town, a new year, she remembered everything she went through last year, all the drama, people talking about her everyday, and everything else. It was going to be a new Molly.

She wasn’t going to be a no one this year. The days went by and before see knew it the first day of school was here. Molly had asked her mom for money a few days earlier so she could go out and by school clothes. She put on the new blue jean skirt, with the new pink tube top. She did her hair and makeup, and then she stood there and just looked at herself in the mirror, she had never dressed like this before, then she took a big deep breath, and walked out the front door. She walked across the freshly cut green grass, and waited for the bus. As she watched the bus turn the corner, she started to get nervous. She didn’t know how she was going to be able to do this; she never did anything close to this before. In her old school she was known as the girl who never changed, was just the same, all the time. She wanted to go home and hide.

By the time she got to school she was shaking a little, but when she got to the big orange cafeteria doors she put on a big smile and she walked in. Everything got quiet everyone was looking at her. Molly ignored it and started skimming for a place to sit. Then a girl said,
“Hi, I’m Crystal, this is Samantha and this is Abby” “Are you new here?”

Molly said yes, Crystal told her she could sit with them. Molly felt like jumping, everything was going good, it was easier then she had thought. They sat down and started talking. They talked about the school and how there were only about four hundred people in the whole high school. And were Molly had moved from. Molly told them how different it was in Kansas compared to Texas. Before she knew it, they were like best friends, to her Crystal and the other girls were kind of cool, different, just like her. That’s what she thought.

Everyone wanted to talk to Molly, boys tried getting with her left and right. Girls and guys though, would come up to Molly and tell her that Crystal, Samantha and Abby were not good people, that Molly shouldn’t hangout with them. Molly was confused, she wondered why people were telling her all this. So she asked Crystal.

Crystal said “Don’t worry Molly, its because there jealous, they don’t get to be in the group and you do. Just forget it”

August went by fast, Molly had friends, she fit in, people new who she was, but is this what she really wanted? Is this who she really wanted to be remembered as? By September these girls had so many secrets, started so many rumors, like a guy and girl having sex on the school stairs and the girl ended up getting pregnant, or a boy doing steroids. And all of it was a big lie, but the girls had it all. Molly didn’t like what the girls did and how the acted but she did and acted the same way, she had to. Even though Molly wasn’t like this, like them, at all.

Homecoming night Molly and her new “group” went like normal, but this time they met up with some guys Molly didn’t know. They had beer, drugs, and condoms. Molly knew what was going on and she didn’t like it. Everyone else was doing it like it was nothing, and they were trying to get Molly to do it. Molly didn’t know that Crystal, Samantha and Abby were like this. She never saw this part of them. Now she knew what everyone was talking about at school, but Crystal told her not to worry, so she didn’t, she was shocked. Molly was not going to be like them this time; she turned around and started walking, Crystal yelled out,
“Hey! Molly! Were you going?”
Molly said, “I’m leaving, I’m not going to be apart of this, it’s not me!”
With her head held high, she kept walking.

As she was walking, Molly realized that she didn’t like this, she didn’t like who she had become. Just to be popular, to have a lot of friends, this is what it took? Molly missed how it used to be; she wanted to go back to how it was before she moved. Wearing sweats and a t-shirt, her hair in a ponytail without any makeup. Just living life the way she wanted to, not the way others wanted her to. That’s what she wanted; she wanted to be the real Molly again. The Molly who tried to be friends with everyone, never talked about someone, never did anything she had done so far this year.

So the next day she did, she wore what she used to wear and once again looked at herself, took a deep breath and walked out the front doors, smiling, confident. When she got to the cafeteria she didn’t sit with Crystal and them, she sat with the girl that Crystal, Samantha, Abby and her, had picked on the most. She started to have a normal conversation, one that didn’t involve boys, didn’t involve talking about someone, just a normal conversation, about schoolwork, and how the teachers gave them to much homework. Molly went back to who she used to be, who she didn’t have to try hard to be. And everyone still liked her, they liked her better, she smiled, the old Molly was back, she liked it, she felt, free.

The rest of the school year went great. Molly was friends with everyone, she fit in, she was getting good grades, and she had a boyfriend! Crystal, Samantha and Abby were the same, they still talked about people, they still did what they weren’t supposed to, but no one cared, about them and what they did or said. No one cared anymore, they stood up to the girls if they said anything, Molly had everyone’s back, if Crystal or any of them tried to talk about anyone, Molly would confront them. She did that through all four years of high school. She wasn’t going to let girls get picked on like she did. She was going to make a change. Molly was going to make something out of herself, something great, she smiled at her success.

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