September 30, 2009
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Natalie sat down at the typewriter.
Dear Eric, she began to type.

“I’m so glad I finally dragged you out to the pool!” Krista chirped. Natalie just sighed. Krista got so excited over the smallest things...
“Oh, Natalie, come here!” Krista said whilst dragging Natalie by the arm. She then stood proudly in front of a boy, showing him off to Natalie, searching for hidden signs of approval. “This is Eric!” she squeaked.

I’m not entirely sure what to say. I mean, I had a great time with you...

A week or two after meeting Eric, the trio found themselves once again at the public pool. Natalie turned away, just for a moment, then found her feet no longer attached to the ground, her body crashing into the cold water. When she resurfaced, she looked around angrily. Eric laughed. “What the hell?!?!” Natalie fumed. “Sometimes guys mess around with you when they like you,” Eric responded. Much to her disbelief, Natalie smiled, and it was returned.

But after the other night...

Seven months passed, the two became official. The two were also almost eighteen, prime age for trying to sneak drinks when grown-ups were away.
“Come on, it’s just one party,” Eric cooed, “You’ll have fun, I promise. And I won’t leave your side. I swear I won’t.”
Beer, however, has a tendency to make promises seem like little white lies.
Later that night, Natalie found herself writhing uncomfortably on a chair, trying to avoid the grasps of drunken boys. None of which was her boy, of course. No, Eric was no where in sight; he’d disappeared almost an hour ago, a regular Houdini.
Natalie couldn’t stand it anymore. She was going to find Eric, and tell it straight to his face that she was leaving and would not put up with this grotesque behavior any longer! Proud of her plan of action, she stormed off to check the first floor. No Eric. Up the stairs she marched, fighting of ditzy boys and even ditzier girls on her way.
It was on this, the second floor, that she found her beloved Eric. In the master bathroom to be precise. On top of a girl, whose name was believed to be Lillian.
That being said, the storming continued, though this time away from Eric. And out the front door. And deep into the unknown neighborhood, walking around aimlessly, blinded by her own self pity and doubt.

I think maybe it would be a little better if we both saw other people.

Natalie made it home safe two hours later. And with a mini-tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

No hard feelings.

The next night, Natalie and Krista tied the letter Eric had given Natalie on her birthday to a firecracker and lit the fuse.
Nope, none at all.

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