(as he creeps: Part Five) The story through the husbands eyes.

November 1, 2009
I watched the girl walk out the door. She was a stranger to me, but her words were so pure. Leaving me with a chance to think, what she I do with the women that stands in front of me. I sat on my bed, but the image of my wife on this bed got me on my feet. I tore of the sheets, throw them at her. Sat on the naked bed and put my head in my hands. She got down on her knees in front of me and gently said, “Baby please, I’m sorry.” I lifted my head and slid my hand on her cheek. She rubbed her face on my hand I grabbed her hand so we can both stand. I brought her hand to my lips gave it a kiss, looked at the ring and tugged on it. Slowly pulled it off her finger, because that’s the way it should be. Looked at her face that seemed puzzled, that look made me please. Set the ring on the night stand and grabbed her by her waist, pulled her body to me, have her thinking she was going to get her way. Had my hands rise to the back of her neck and kissed her, unlocking the necklace that I bought for her back then. I put the necklace in my pocket. She went to protest, but I brought her titer to my chest. I let my hand flow down to her wrist and took off the diamond bracelet. I felt her shaking like she didn’t know what to do. Put the bracelet in my pocket and I was though. I let go of her, sending her to fly on the floor, wiped my mouth because her lips didn’t taste the same anymore. I looked at her and she didn’t know what was going on. She thought I was taking her back but she got that all wrong. “Get up.” She got up slowly. I put on a smirk for her. “Get your stuff and leave.” She went to say something, “If you say one word you’ll be living here with nothing.” Her mouth shut. “Go pack you things and leave.” She walked and I heard thing slamming around, I went back to the bad so I can sit down. In a few minutes she was out with all her things. “You know you’re letting a good thing go.” She snapped. “And would you like to tell me what that would be.” I said. She lend to one side and said, “Me.” I shook my head and said. “Women please. You are so far away from being a good thing.” I got up and point to the door, we walked down the stairs. She went to grab car keys, but they weren’t there. Before she said anything I told her. “Your taxi is waiting.” I opened the door for her and smiled. She left, I watched her disappear down the street. Closed the door, “Do you feel better?” A voice called. Walked to the sound and saw the stranger sitting down. I sat next to her. “Um tell me how ‘better’ is suppose to feel like.” She smiled, “I’ll tell you went I feel it.” We sat in silents for a minute taking everything in, then letting everything go. I looked back at her something about her was killing me inside like she was a puzzle you just couldn’t figure out or evident for a crime you just couldn’t find. She opened her eyes and met with mine. “I really need coffee or a drink.” She said finally. I got up and put out my hand she took it and we left. One day can change your life for the bad or good side. Learning how to move one is the key to being happy. Think about it could have been worst, lost my job, have someone rob my house. I could have gotten into a car accident or found R-Kelly hiding in my bedroom closet.

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