For the Love of the Game

September 30, 2009
By E.Gaffney SILVER, New Bedford, Massachusetts
E.Gaffney SILVER, New Bedford, Massachusetts
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"Nothing in this life worth having comes easy." -Scrubs
"Don't tell anyone anything or you'll start missing everyone."- The Catcher in the Rye
"There's nothing to be afraid of, it's just life."- One Tree Hill

There was never any noise at this hour. It was much too early and the rest of the world was asleep. That is untrue for people were awake. Those that had jobs, had reasons to be up and moving. My neighborhood was always quiet. No one had a reason to be up at an absurd hour. I didn't either but in those early hours I felt most at peace, most awake.
Four A.M my alarm sounds. I get out of bed throw on my most comfortable clothing and walk out the door. I begin walking. Walking turns to jogging and jogging turns to running. It's like i'll escape soon. If I lift up my feet I might fly. Left foot, right foot i'm gone. Slow breaths, in through my nose out through my mouth. My feet pound on the pavement jarring my knees but withstanding the blows. Maybe i'll go on forever, never stop, leave civilization. The ache in my thighs and chest burn like they won't make it if I take one more step.

Rounding the corner I see my house. No lights illuminate it i'm the only one awake, i'm the only one around. They say I have "great drive" and "wonderful ambition" but I know none of them truly understand. For them this is merely to build stamina, to better myself. To me this is purly about love.

It's never easy. Some days it feels like I get no where, while others I escape. Maybe if I run faster, go one more block, never slow down then I will get away. Maybe someone will notice me, will save me. Maybe if I run on forever I won't be alone. Maybe it won't catch up to me. Maybe just maybe it will love me back.

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