Amanda's horror

September 16, 2009
CHAPTER ONE:Amanda's Accident

spots, dots,polka dots,stripes, stars, then darkness. That's what I saw on June 5, 1992, my last day of a true normal life. My best friend Lizzie and I were walking home from the first day of fourth grade with our eighth grade sisters Katie and Jane. I felt a cold breeze in my upper forehead than nothing. I felt myself thud on the ground. I could hear gunshots, yelling, screams, fights and the cry of my sister Jane. When I heard an ambulance I knew somehing was wrong. I tried to open my eyes or even blink, but i couldn't. Then I could hear a doctory tell my parents and Jane, " I'm terribly sorry but this the gunshot made her blind.: I couldn't believe it my life as a fourth grader was gone. Then i fell into a deep sleep after a poke in my arm.

When I woke up I was at the hospital, but i couldn't understand any words, all i heard was a little bit of mubling. i was still dizzy from the Anestitics they'd given me. My left eye i knew and they had covered it up with a patch. I opened my right eye, and looked around. The doctor was talking to my parents. They looked around and started trying to talk to me but i couldn't understand so they wrote down a message for me. I had been in a coma for the last 3 days , and in the hospital for a week now.

My arm had been intentionaly broken last week at the attack AFTER i had gone unconcious. They had arrested the attackers for attempted murder and attemped kidnap. Lizzie had a broken leg from them throwing her out of the way since they didn't like her. Katie was fine, so she had stayed with Lizzie until parents and paramedics had arrived to comfort her. Jane had some bruises from fighting them for hurting me., but otherwise she was fine. I got the most damage but i heard that it was since i was the blond hair girl with a red shirt. I don't know what that means but they attacked me first and tried to kidnap Jane, Kaite and me. The attackers were Billy Wayne and Kenny Test. They had been overdosed on happy pills.

My last day in the hospital and i was stuck doing two weeks worth of homework to get caught up. Lizzie went to school last week but is walked by her mom on one side dad on another with Katie behind. We live two blocks away from the school. She was already doing better than me. I was working a broken arm and a sling around it and i had nothing to do.

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Toxic_Drawer said...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 4:00 pm
I would give it just alittle more detail, maybe dialouge?
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