Fallen Angels

September 10, 2009
By , Colorado Spring, CO
The year was 2008. I had just moved for the fifth time. I did not talk to people in this new school. All I did was go through my classes just learning what I needed to get by. I had slowly been heading down this same solemn road since the fourth grade, when I reached sixth grade my ride sped up to 90 miles per hour. My life was spinning out of control and I had nowhere to go.

A few months into the year however through a mutual friend, I saw that I might have a connection with someone in a few of my classes. Ryan was a quiet boy in my math class who sat across from me. He would always help me out because god knows I am horrendous at math. I began to sit with him at lunch and slowly but surely he began to notice how sorrowful I was. He started to creep into my life and sift through my thoughts.

Although it took him a long time to get me to me to talk, I eventually opened up. I am positive that at some moments he wished he hadn’t asked about my life, but he saw how much it hurt me to talk about these things and knew they needed to be said. My life problems needed to be lifted from my heavy-heart at least to someone who I knew cared about me.

Later, I found out that the events where so overwhelming that even Ryan had to turn to his best friend Joe. I didn’t once think that Joe knew anything about me besides that I talked to Ryan everyday. Nonetheless, it also helped that Joe did know because it reduced both Ryan’s and my suffering. We became friends once I knew that he actually knew me, the real me.

They would always try to give me all the advice they held. They made it their duty to try to get me to take better care of myself, stop being so reckless and careless about life. It would be the following year that I saw what they were doing for me. Throughout the year, we had some hard times; they would try to help me and I would try my hardest to refuse the assistance. After many actions, I concluded that through my childish, fickle behavior I wouldn’t have the same friendship with Joe again. On the other hand, Ryan and I somehow grew closer.

Over the summer, I had plenty of time to ponder about everything they did for me while I was in quarantine. They had saved my life. I was heading down a fatal road. Although I made their life miserable and fought them the whole way, they never gave up on me.

I have now obtained a completely new outlook on life and new morals thanks to meeting these two fallen angels. Ryan and Joe were sent to me to put me on a road where I could be happy again. These angels where sent to me to save my life.

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