Ch.3 of Jennifer O:GONE AND FORGOTTEN... OR IS HE? (2nd half)

October 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Girls started to gasp around us, smudging their eyeliner despite the advantage of a compact mirror, and an incredibly hot guy approached me.
“He doesn’t go to this school!”
“But he looks sooo yummy!”
“Perve ... well, he is ultra hot.”
“Party on the sun hot!”
“Why does he like her?”

They sighed enviously in unison as Tom gave me a half-hug and kissed me on the cheek.
“Hey, babe, miss me much?”
“What are you doing here?!” I whispered, dazed by his comment. “And what’s with the ‘babe’ thing?”
“Well,” He ran his fingers through his hair and lowered his voice to be similar to my soft voice that could’ve merely been the work of a breeze and his imagination. “I wanted you to be informed that when you get home, I’ll be in your back yard to start training you. Being your boyfriend would be the only cover story that would work.”
“You pretend to be my 17-year-old boyfriend instead of taking it easy on the girls here by being my currently single brother? That makes perfect sense, brilliant plan Einstein.” I said with mock understanding.

Tom laughed, his chest was clearly visible under his tight black T-shirt. Alyssa is gonna be so ticked off that my “boyfriend” actually has an eight pack. She dropped my hand and Tom retrieved it, leading me to the other side of the school, which was currently vacant.

We strode around to building six when I reached an arm across his chest to bring him to a halt.
“You don’t see any teachers now, but they do have security cameras, and you’re already breaking two rules at a school you don’t even go to.”
“I have a friend who goes here,” He said while twirling a piece of my hair around his finger. “She’s part of the Manatee County, completely secret, Power Training and Controlling Center. She and I have almost all of our classes there together on weekends and she said you guys are like this,” He crossed his fingers and asked. ”Can you take my fingers apart?” I tried to pry them apart with both hands, but didn’t succeed in even a small gap.
“Unbreakable friendship.” He laughed.
“At least tell me what her name is and what her powers are!”
“Kira, her powers are telekinesis, the ability to fly, and mind reading.”
Kira? Eighth-grader-in-my-creative-writing-class-Kira? Wow…
“She disconnected the wires in the security cameras when she heard I was planning a visit. Public display of affection and trespassing don’t scare me.” Tom grinned as he saw the most popular guy at school come from the bus stop.

Damian…blech. Every single girl, except me, liked him… again, blech. He approached me, his stride twice as wide as usual as he strode to meet the newcomer, his hazel eyes sparkling with the opportunity to ruin my life.

“Hey, babe,” That’s twice today, it sounded better coming from Tom than coming from the mouth that had made innocent girls faint. “You didn’t tell me you were cheatin’.” Damian wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I am now officially going to kill him.
“Ha, ha. You’re so hilarious. Especially if you think I would give a crap about you.”
“Someone who doesn’t like me, that’s a nice change.”
“I’ve loved to annoy you since fifth grade, not much of a change over the past year. And you remember that desperate comment I made when you were flirting with my best friend? It’s still true.”
“You’re quite the comedian, who’s your friend?”
“None of your buisness.”
“Totally my business if he’s dating you, which I doubt anyone with taste would.”
“Than you don’t have good taste. And I just happen to be 17, so Jen must be pretty damn hot.” Tom interjected, twirling his key ring, car key included, around his index finger.
“Nice house key.” Damian laughed. I was about to smack that smile off his face when Tom saved me the effort by making it morph into an “o” shape as he pressed a button on the key and we heard faint music play on his car stereo. Speaking of pick-up trucks… Tom’s was as awesome as they get.

Glimmering as if it was still wet, the blood red paint on Tom’s truck glistened in the sunlight, not one flaw across the metal planes of curves in the beautiful car. It’s tires were bug-free and clean as they get, as was the crystal clear windows and windshield. And my eyes must’ve been pretty strong, because that was just at a distance.

The author's comments:
Read 1st half before u read this please!

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