A signle sentance can paint a million pictures

September 25, 2009
By Jimmy-donaldson BRONZE, Willits, California
Jimmy-donaldson BRONZE, Willits, California
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When pencil is put to paper an epic battle of words, mind and want are all that there is, until the graphite breaks.

Not so long ago there were two friends, both were artists. One created visual works of wonder, the other crafted universes with words. Steven of the brush, Jimmy of the pen. Despite their friendship they often engaged in heated debates about which art form was better. No clear winner has been discovered yet as each argument has its counter.

One day at lunch the two were sitting arguing at a small table in public. Each had a napkin with pens in hand doodling and jotting, a habit both practiced. Jimmy’s churning mind sparked. With an exenterated Oh! And the snap of his fingers he spoke

“Steven my pal, I’ve found a way to end our argument.” Steven’s face twisted in confusion as Jimmy’s twisted into a smile. “We’ll have a competition, who ever can make the simplest art that can show their form is better shall be the victor!”

Steven smiled and agreed. As both darted off to their studios. Quick as ever Steven sketched concept idea after idea some scaling from large others to tile size. Nothing could truly defeat his opposition yet remain simple.

In search of inspiration Steven darted towards the lounge. Entering through the door he stopped mid-stride. There Jimmy sat typing on his laptop with blazing speeds. The poor computer could barely keep up with the quick little fingers. Smirking he turned around, still with no inspiration but confidence that his opponent was struggling just as much as he was.

A week passed and Steven had rushed through hundreds of art projects his hand stained with ink and paint but at long last he had something that could defeat Jimmy. It came from the term “The pen is mightier than the sword” on it was a paint brush drawing a sword to cut down the pen.

Three quick knocks followed by a fourth was Jimmy’s calling card. The door flew open and concept sketches flew about. Steven showed his master piece. Jimmy looked at it and nodded half lost in his own world. Steven looked a Jimmy expectantly.

“Well?” Steven said drawing out the E. Jimmy shook his head and smiled reaching into his pocket and pulled out the napkin from a week ago.

A picture is worth a thousand words
But a single sentence can paint a million pictures.

Steven blinked at the old peace of paper. Then looked around his studio, back at the paper and at Jimmy’s wide brim smirk and smiling eyes. With a laugh he gasped.

“I have been defeated!” The two friends shared a hearty laugh. As Jimmy rummaged through Steven’s works. A note pad and pen in hand. “Isn’t it true that a picture can start a million tales?” he asked.

“And so the circle goes.”

The author's comments:
Just a semi-real life situation between me and my friend.

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