love stinks

September 24, 2009
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The cafeteria was crowded with students trying to purchase their lunches at the last minute. A sweet aroma traveled through the air. Sydney was the last person in line, she was astounded by how slowly the line was going.
Two annoying seventh graders sprinted into the rom while juggling a soccer ball. The ball was knocked too high and knocked Sydney's books out of her hands. She quickly jumbles her papers together. As she looks up, she sees Dylan; the most popular guy in school.
She is secretly crushing on him. He was an amazing guy, yet he was going out with Sydney's best friend. Ryan started walking towards Sydney. "Hey Sydney."
"uh...he Ryan?"
"your looking pretty hot today"
"really? thanks" Sydney said while biting on her lip.
"we should hangout sometime."
"sure, me, you, & Amanda?"
"no, just me and you." said Ryan with a wink.
Amanda walks up..."hey guys!"
"hey" they both said inoccently.
Amanda says, "we are over Ryan"
"That's fine with me, let's go Sydney" said Ryan.
"Uhm, no. I'm not a backup for you" said Sydney confidently.
"Whatever I can get any girl out of this school!"

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Vtrevi015 said...
Oct. 20, 2009 at 8:26 am
i loved it!
this was like a true middle school experiance.
nice job:)
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