The loud stormy day

October 6, 2009
By Brett goodale BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Brett goodale BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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There were three young men that lived in London, England their names were Joey, Bob, and Bryant. The oldest of the three is joey swiggs he is 15 years old, he is very humerous. Bob which is the second oldest of te three best friends is 14 years of age, he takes everything very serious and doesnt take joeys jokes very well. Bryant who is the youungest of the three best friends loves to help people he is also a straight A student.

It was a very gloomy day in London, England as noone was walking done the sidewalks, very few people were driving around. The weather was very harsh in this time of the year in England. It was pouring down rain. The lighting was booming every 45 seconds, the thunder was rumbling every 10 seconds. The three best friends Joey, Bob, and Bryant were just sitting inside playing video games they were begining to get bored. Joey makes the idea to go to the forest because the soil would be very moist at this time. The other two boys agree that this would be a good idea. All three of the boys go get there jackets and shoes on and head out. When they get outside they debate on what forest to go to. The three boys agree to go to the forest they havent been to that was right behind joes house.

When the boys got to the forest they started looking for a dry buy moist spot to begin digging. As they are looking for a spot to begin the days adventure the rain storm picks up. Joey yells, “I found a spot for us to dig at.”

Bob and Bryant yell, “ok we are coming.”
When Bob and Bryant get to the spot Joey foound they sit down to rest and talk for a little bit. After about 5 minutes Joey begins to dig around the big tree he found. Bryant

Joey started to see smoke in the distance. Bryant yells from behind for Joey to wait for hom to catch up. Bryant is also calling for Bob to come. AS Joey stops he yells “HURRY UP BRYANT!!” as he panics. The two begin to run together. As the two boys panic as they notice flames blazing from a small farm house.

Joey starts to run towards the door of the house. Bryant yells “ Joey STOP!”. Joey yells “ No Bryant we have people in here we need to save”
. All of the the sudden as Bryant approaches the door. The entrance collapses in. Joey yells “Bryant go around the house and find another way in!”. Bryants yells “Ok Joey get away from that door before you get hurt”.
Joey yells, “ No Bryant people inside need our help”
Bryant yells, “Joey I found an entrance into the house”
Joey yells, “ok im coming”
As Bryant got to where Joey was standing he asked if there was any sign of life from where he found an entrance. Joey says, “ I cant really tell from here there is to much smoke”
Bryant climbs on top of the chair as he gets ready to enter the smoke dungeon. First he takes the screen off and lifts the window for a way in. As the window opens smoke begins to pour out of the window. Bryant enters through the window. The first thing he did was checked the nearest bedroom. Bryant yells, “ Is there anyone in here?”
He got no reply so he moved on to the next room. Bryant yells, “Is there anyone in here?”
A man reply’s, “yes, everyone in the house is in this room”
Bryant reply’s, “ok stay calm and I will help you all out”
The man says, “ok”
As Bryant makes his way threw the smoke he begins to cough. As he coughs he gets light headed and begins to trip over obstacles in his path to helping the family from their blazing house. As he makes his way to the area they are at he trips over a dresser and twisted his ankle. Bryant yells, “Joey can you hear me”
Joey yells, “yes bryant what do you need?”
Bryant yells, “ I think i may have twisted or broken my ankle can you come in”
Joey yells, “yes bryant im on my way in!’
As Joey enters the house he begins to cough as the smoke reacts to his asma. He tries to make it to the bedroom Bryant is located. As he runs through the rushing smoke he begins to feel very dizzy. As he starts to feel dizzy he is running into objects, tripping on walls and stuff. When Joey stands back up he is able to make it all the way to the bedroom he first helps the residents out. After he gets the four people out he helps bryant. When Joey and Bryant got out of the house Bryant asked the residents, “why didnt you guys come out when your house was struck?”
Tom said, “ we have no smoke alarm and we didn’t notice the fire or smoke”
Bryant says, “ok”
Joeys says “be right back going to find the nearest house for a phone since his cell phone has no service.”

Joey finds a house near the highway he koncks on the door and asked, “can I borrow the phone?”
The man replys “yes”
Before Joey could arrive back at the house the fire department was already there questioning the family. And putting out the fire.

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