The Big Game part II

September 28, 2009
By B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Finally Walter’s team called him to play in the game. One of the boys on Walter’s team said, “We cannot run with the ball, because the best runner is not in the game. So let’s try to score by kicking the ball.” “Yes, yes” the other boy said. The boys looked at each other, “one of us must kick the ball that far.” But Walter did not say no, he said he will try. “I think I can kick the ball that far.” One of the boys said, “I will hold the ball for him.” So Walter got ready to kick the ball. Some boys and girls screamed from the lot “dont let Walter do that, he can’t play football, he will fall down.” But Walter said to himself, “I will not fall down, I will kick that ball and make that score”. And so Walter was confident in himself.

So Walter was ready kick the ball. The boys and girls on the side of the lot were saying “No, don’t let Walter kick”. But Walter did kick the ball. Another boy held the ball. A tall boy form the other team almost got the ball, but Walter kicked it on time, the ball went like a shot! It went over tall wall that was next to the lot. The boys from Walter’s team looked at him, so did the other boys form the other team, “I did not think that a small boy like him could kick that far”. Walter’s team needed one more score to win the game, one boy from Walter’s team said, “We must go all the way to score.” Walter said, “I think I can kick the ball far.” So his team got ready, a boy from Walter’s team held the ball and Walter kicked it, it went all the way to the lot. The boys on Walter’s team picked him up and yelled, “You are one good football player.” The boys and the girls yelled, “Walter is a star of the game! Walter was very happy he won the game. Now Walter can play football with the other team any time he wants.

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