The Big Game

September 28, 2009
By B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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There was once a kid named Walter Sitting down on the doorsteps on his house sad because they wouldn’t let him play on the football team. This was the big day the football team, they were playing against the other side of the town. Walter headed down to the lot where the boys play football. “I can’t play football with them because I always fall and play wrong!” he said. A lot of boys and girls were in the football lot cheering for their own team. As the game started Walter saw a very tall guy from the other team running as fast as he could. “Score!” he made a point for the team. The other side of the team cheered. Walter’s team had the ball, but they couldn’t go too far. They only went five yards. But when the other team stole the ball it went to the end of the lot for another score for the other team. Walter said to himself, “that other team is going to win. I wish I could help my team”. But later on as time went on Walter’s team started playing well, when the tall boy from the other team had the ball Walter’s team had the ball, Walter’s team got the ball and scored. Walter cheered for his team and he yelled, “Get that ball and score some more!” But then Walter’s team had a problem, the best player on his team had injured his arm. So then he had to get out of the game. Walter said to himself, “We cannot win this game without the best player not playing, what we are going to do?” So how could Walter’s team win if the best player was not playing? All the boys in the team started to call Walter. “Walter! Walter!” they called “Come here!” Walter ran towards the boys of his team. One of the boys said” Walter we need one more player, so we called you. Try to play well. We need to score 2 points to win this game.

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