Over The Weight

September 28, 2009
By B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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An ordinary day at the store, Maria and her mom were buying groceries. Maria carried a hand full of junk food to the basket. “Maria that’s too much junk food you are carrying there!” said her mom. “No it’s not!” Maria replied as she turned around and grabbed more cookies and chips. Walking around the aisles, Maria’s mom saw a lady maybe more than 250 pounds overweight. Almost the size of Maria, the lady fainted out of moment. People went running towards the lady to see what was wrong with her. Meanwhile, Maria’s mom went to go look for Maria desperately thinking the worse in that moment. When she finally found her, Maria looked at her mom shocked. “Mom what’s going on?” she said. “Honey, all of that junk food you have in the basket you have to get rid of it right away! Come on lets go, I’ll explain on the way home,” Maria’s mom said. Rushing from out of the store, Maria and her mom go. In an instant, all of a sudden, Maria saw the fainted lady in the floor and when she saw her, Maria had a terrible feeling in her. Passing by streets, she saw food contests, and fast food restaurants, until she had about enough, she closed her eyes. Once she closed her eyes, she pictured herself in front of the mirror growing and growing each second. “Ahh!” Maria screamed with terror. She woke up breathing rapidly. “Maria! It’s ok. You just had a terrible dream, that’s all. Now let’s go inside and talk about this.” said her mom. So they go inside the house and into the living room and sit down. “Maria, we really need to talk about you eating a lot of junk food.” said her mom. “Mom I know! I saw that lady at the store on the floor passed out,” said Maria. “You did?” asked her mom. “What else did you see?” “I saw that she was fat like me! Mom, I don’t want that to happen to me! I don’t!” Maria said with horror throwing away all the junk food she had around the house. Patting Maria’s back, her mom says “you’re doing the right thing.” “I just want to have a normal life, and not to be fat, from now on I will do a lot of exercise.” Maria said with a smile in her face. Now ever since that day, Maria stopped eating junk food and started exercising a lot.

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