Bike Lessons part II

September 28, 2009
“Go!” yells his dad. Timmy started to pedal as fast as he could, but then he started to lose his balance until he came to a trashcan. Next thing you can see is the garbage flying everywhere. “Ouch!” Timmy cried. He did not see what was waiting in front of him. “Timmy! Are you ok?” yelled his dad as he ran towards him. Timmy opened his eyes slowly and he had another bruise to add to his collection.

“Yes dad I’m ok, don’t worry I’m fine,” said Timmy. “Now, are you ready to try again and learn some more?” Timmy’s dad asked. “Yes dad! Lets go!” yelled Timmy. So Timmy and his dad got back up to their feet and started where they left off.

From a distance, Lisa saw how her dad was paying more attention to Timmy and how he was teaching him how to ride a bike. She was mad and jealous on how her dad would teach him how to ride a bike but not her. “That’s not fair! How you teach him and not me!” screamed Lisa. “Lisa dear, you never asked me that you wanted to learn. Do you wish to do so?” said his dad. “No!” yelled Lisa, slamming the front door. “Well I guess it’s just me and you son,” said his dad.

Inside the house it was Lisa, running upstairs crying. Timmy and his dad continued to work on their lessons. Lisa watched jealously at Timmy and their dad. Then her mom walks in and sees her crying. “Lisa what’s wrong?” said her mom. “It’s nothing mom,” Lisa replied as she looked down. “Honey I know when something’s wrong with you so you better tell me this instance!” said her mom. Lisa looks out the window, takes a deep sighs, and says, “It’s because dad is teaching Timmy how to ride a bike and not me!” “Well you should go outside and tell your dad to teach to too! Come on Lisa go,” says Lisa’s mom.

Lisa smiled and she went downstairs to the garage and grabbed a spare bike and started walking towards them. “Umm dad?” said Lisa. “Yes Lisa? What’s the matter?” he replied. “Can you help me ride a bike too?” said Lisa. “Of course dear, come on,” said her dad. Lisa looked at Timmy for quite a while wondering what should she say, “I’m sorry for making fun of you, would you forgive me?” “Umm...” Timmy thought about it, “Yes I forgive you!” he said.

So from there everything went back to normal. Lisa and Timmy weren’t fighting no more and there dad taught them how to ride a bike. Despite all the hard falls and the unaccomplished tries, they learned how to ride a bike.

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