Bike Lessons

September 28, 2009
One Saturday morning, a kid named Timmy was watching cartoons with his sister Lisa. Timmy was watching how a little kid was learning how to ride a bike so Timmy said to himself, “I wish I knew how to ride a bike like him!” Lisa replied, “Timmy, you can’t even get on one so stop wishing.” Timmy felt really bad when Lisa told him he couldn’t make it happen. “One day I will learn how to ride a bike, and you’re going to be there when it happens!” Timmy said.

So Timmy went downstairs to ask his dad to help him ride a bike. “Timmy I’m really busy right now, can you please go away and let me do my work in peace!?” said his dad. Running to the restroom Timmy exploded in tears. Next door was his sister Lisa, “ha-ha!” she giggled. “You will never learn how to ride a bike loser!” she laughed. Timmy had about enough of this nonsense so he ran outside and grabbed his sister’s bike and headed for the sidewalk.

Once he got on the bike he lost balance and fell. “I will never learn how to ride a bike!” he cried. When Timmy’s dad saw him crying he walked towards him. “Timmy, what’s wrong son?” he said. “Nothings wrong” he said gently, rubbing the tears of his face. “I see we have bike and a kid trying to ride with no pads or a helmet. Are you trying to ride a bike son?” said his dad. “No?” said Timmy as he looks at his bruise on his shin. “Well to be honest, yes I am. Lisa is making fun of me saying I will never learn how to ride a bike.” “Son, don’t pay any attention to her, she doesn’t know how to ride a bike either. “What do you say if I teach you how to ride it?” said his dad. “Are you serious? You would do that for me?” Timmy said surprised with a big grin on his face. “Yes Timmy, now go grab your helmet and lets get going!” said his dad.

Timmy runs to the garage and grabs his gear. “Ha-ha Lisa! Dad is going to teach me how to ride a bike!” yelled Timmy. “Whatever!” said Lisa with a jealous attitude. Timmy ran back outside with his bike towards his dad. His dad then gave him the instructions, “First thing you do is get on the bike and keep your balance. Next you start to pedal with your feet and watch where you go.” Timmy had a clue on what to do already but oh well. Timmy takes a deep breath and waits for the opportunity to go. Here goes nothing.

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