September 27, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a girl named Taylor. She was always lonely and had no friends at school, and everyone picked on her. But soon her and her parent were going to move to California, and she was going to go to a new school.
Tomorrow, September 9, 2009 was her first day of school. She made some new friends and there names were Nicole and Danielle, and they had every class together. So when the school day was over, she went home to tell her parents about her day and how she had made some new friend, named Nicole and Danielle. About two weeks later, there was a sign that said Volleyball try outs Tuesday from 2:23 to 3:23 in the locker room.

The next day at school, she asked her friends if they were going to try out for the volleyball team. They had said there not sure. Later that day in math class, she met a new friend named Ally. And ally was going to try out. So Taylor thought she should try out. so she went home and told her parents that she was going to try out, and they were happy for her. they said you'll do good.

Its now Tuesday, the day of the volleyball tryouts, she was so excited. So the time comes and all the girls are in the locker room dressing out. The coach, Miss.Sass says girls lets go, out side now tryouts are starting. So all the girls go outside. Miss.Sass tells all the girls to grab a ball.
So they all grab a ball and tryouts start. it is now 3:23, try outs are over.

All the girls go to back to the locker room and change back into there clothes. Taylor's mom is honking the horn to her bmw and saying Taylor lest go, we have to go to your doctors appointment. So as Taylor in running to the car, her friend nicole says Taylor, and Taylor stops and looks back and says yeah? Nicole says practice went good, have you played before cause your really good. Taylor replies she says, no this is my first time playing a sport.

Taylor gets in the car and her mom says how was your first day of practice? i hope you make the team and if you do i will be the best mom there to support you, i will make posters, signs, and i will bring a blow horn. I cant wait until your first game. Mom, chill i don't even know if i will make the team, there was a lot of really good girls, who have experience.

The next day, the coach chooses to post who made the team since she says she knows who she is going to choose, and doesn't need to call another practice. So she posted the names of the girls who had made the team on the gym door.

It is now 6th period, the time Taylor, Nicole and Danielle have p.e together, and they run into the list and they are looking for there names. Danielle sees her name and she is really excited, Nicole sees her name. And then Taylor sees her name at the bottom of the list. She was so happy because 1 she has never played Volleyball, and 2 she was doubting herself.

That day after school she runs to the car and was like mom, mom, mom guess what and her mom was like what? And Taylor was like i made they volleyball team. And her mom was screaming because she was so excited and nearly looses her voice. So they get home and eat dinner.

One week later, was there first game at Johnson Middle School. Taylor had told her mom not to go and her mom said fine i wont go. Later that day, the game was just starting and she looked over at the bleachers and didn't see her mom and was like i wish she was here but then again she didn't want her to em barres her. so half way through the game , Taylor spikes the ball and scored, and won. all the sudden you here a blow horn, she looks over and sees her mom with a big poster that says, thats my daughter, taylor, #12. and Taylor was so embarrassed. So after the game, she got in the car and was like why did you do that? I told you not to go and if you were going to go, not to make a poster or take the blow horn.

About 2 months later, Volleyball season is over. And Taylor is now very popular instead of being that one girl who was so unknown at her school.

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my mom

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