Sally and Me

September 27, 2009
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"Mommy, I'm home!" I yelled as I ran upstairs to hug her. The end of the school year was in a few months. I was only in Pre-K but I had many friends.
When I got upstairs, my mom hugged me and told me we were moving. My stomach dropped. I didn't want to leave my friends. San Fransisco was my home.
A few months passed. The school year was over and we were all packed and ready to move. We were moving to Chicago.
It was very different there. I missed all of my friends. I didn't know if I'd ever see them again. All of the older kids were picking on me because I was new. I was not ready for school to start.
School started, and I was now 5 years old. Kindergarten was horrible! I met this girl named Sally. She was so pretty and nice. We were in the same class, we lived on the same street, and we were even born on the same day.
We became best friends. As we got older, we became closer and closer. At ten years old, we were like brother and sister. When we turned 13, we fell in love.
We'd been dating for 3 years. We turned 16. We decided to have our parties on different days. Sally's was on Saturday and mine was on Sunday. I went to hers, but she never showed up to mine. I thought she had a family reunion or something and that it was no big deal.
Weeks passed, and I hadn't seen Sally anywhere. I went to her house and asked her parent's where she was. They said Sally was on her way to my party in the car they had gotten her and she was in a bad wreck. It shattered her bones. All of them. They didn't want to tell me and they didn't want it on the news because they knew I woulsd never live with myself.
For years, I was mourning. I've learned to remember her, but do it without being sad about her death. I know that she will always be here with me in spirit.

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