The Plaza

September 26, 2009
By Jeaniefur SILVER, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Jeaniefur SILVER, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Heather was on her way to class, fully prepared for another boring day. Before her boring day could begin, however, she would have to confront an inevitable temptation. She found it somewhat amusing that a mundane walk to class could be interrupted by something so sensational.
Heather stood in awe of the sight before her – a sight which was known to students across campus as the Plaza.
What a wondrous place, Heather thought. Someone here is always distributing free candy – that blow pop looks especially enticing!
Heather was astounded by how friendly and hospitable everyone on the Plaza appeared. If the Plaza had been an island in the Pacific, she would have immersed herself in the culture of its peoples and never left its shores.
Complete strangers greeted Heather with gusto unmatched by the most insistent televangelist. Heather found herself conversing at length with these strangers, and within the first half hour of the conversation, she felt she had already made a deep connection – a connection of kindred spirits, united by an opposition to injustice. From global warming to abortion, Heather discussed almost every injustice that presented itself.
She didn’t mind that these encounters made her late for class. Making a connection like this was a fabulous opportunity to broaden her social circle. Maybe instead of getting only four party invitations this weekend, she could rack-up five. Talk about unsolicited fun!
Walking through the Plaza, a thought suddenly struck Heather: she had completely forgotten a writing implement. Luckily, her misfortune could be remedied. Heather would be surprised if today, of all days, there wasn’t a booth present on the Plaza that was in the service of dispersing free pens.
Lo and behold, she came across a table full of pens before taking two steps on charitable territory.
The pens were imprinted with the words: “Rams for Christ.” Personally, Heather would have preferred a more basic style of pen, but she hadn’t the heart to be persnickety in the face of such compassionate service.
When she was finished with the pen, she’d definitely dispose of it. However, for the time being, it was nice to have something to write with on the rare occasion that her professor uttered something noteworthy. Mainly, Heather was glad to have been saved from mooching off of a neighbor, who certainly would have given her a look of disdain, causing her feelings of shame for her forgetfulness.
Of course, there were always exceptions to be made.
Heather made eye contact with the male adjacent to her. She gazed unblinkingly into his pale blue eyes, absorbing every feature of his handsome face.
“Do you by chance have a pen I can borrow?” she said.

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