The Old Man

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Their is an old man. An innocent man. The old man is very old. He walks slowly down the stairs in his small house. You never see him he is as quiet as a mouse and moves so slowly as malases. The old man dose not each much , he spends his days sleeping quietly in his old recked bed in the small wooden room, with the small window. I take care of him and help him during his small activitys. I kiss him on his cheek when he falls asleep and i say goodbye and go home. Every day i visit him. I visited him for a good few years and months. The docter says his days are numbered. I pase myself and rush fixing everything, i sell most of his belongings ,until all that is left is the old man laying in his little bed. I slowly walk in and sit on a small wooden chair. I gaze at the man. I study his details slowly as he lays sound asleep.Old skin, wrinkles layered all over his body, as he lays in his sweater. His scrawny little hands and veings sticking out. His grey silver hair. His scrunched up little body. I sit back for a moment i remember some memories.I close my eyes and go back to the year 1997 lets see i say, i see me and the old man outside, teaching how to ride my trycicle ha... giggles sorround the blue sky , the giggles of a little girl. I remembrer the old man always making me laugh as if he was mereley a young child. Always being silly, he was my best friend. Always helping me sneak chocolates and carrying on his back to the park and buying me ice cream when i would see the ice cream man coming down the corner of the street. I rememver going to hotels and the minute id see a piano id tell him to come with me and play the piano and when their was parties and as soon as i saw a piano i told him come listen to me! come watch me abuelito!! Eschucha me!!! mira mira como toco el piano!!(grandpa, come listen to me , look look how i play the piano) He was my friend and will always be. I awkwake and look at the time , its time to go now. Durning the next few days i visit the old man and then after a few days later find out the old man is no longer here. I see him in his bed laying breathless and motionless. I have never seen someone so motionless... i felt like screaming espiertate abuelito!! por favor!!! te amo!! (wake up grandpa!! please!! i love you) the old man lays still and make no movement. I start to sit down on the bed, i take his hand and put his fingers through mine. I grip on tight and stare at his still face. Just a few days after my last visit i go to the funeral. I slowly walk down the small aisle. I make my way past the turning heads of people whispering to eachother. I sit in the first row. As the night continiues we finally get up and walk to the casket where the old man lies so neat and fixed with his hands crossed and a rose in his pocket. His soft old eyes closed and what seems as a grin. I reach over and fix his rose and pull his lips up as to make a smile appear, it instantly fusturates me and bring his lips back down. I turn angry and look at him once more and my anger calms. I just want him to get up get out and carry me on his shoulders like when i was young. To buy me ice cream and help me sneak chocolate before dinner. I lean over and kiss him on the cheek, i whisper in his ear as if he were to hear me supposebly "te amo abuelito para siempre estaras en mi grande coranzozito te promeso y entonces ahora tengo que ir me" ( I love you grandpa forever you will be in my big heart i promise you and now i must go". I take one last look and continue walking , still having his memory pictured in my mind. The night continues eventually we all go home. I get gome take of my shoes from my tired feet and hang up my little black dress. I take the rose in my hair out and take my makeup off. As i go into bed i slowly fall asleep. That night i had a dream where we were together once again hand in hand running and riding our bikes down the street and getting ice cream from the ice cream man and sneaking chocolate bars in out mouths before dinner and giggling. I woke up a few minutes later and in my heart knew he was somewhere dreaming of me too. I look out the window at the stary night and fall slowly back to sleep. My eyes closes and darkness comes into sight.


The author's comments:
My father told me i should appreciate grandpa because one day he wont be their and i am just imagining what it be like when hes gone and i picture it like that and it makes me appreciate him even more. During this whole little life story i couldnt help but cry because i could imagaine it in my head already.

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