September 25, 2009
Well welcome to a world. Where nothing and nobody seems to be what they say they really are. People will build you up and then when you seem to believe them they leave you hanging there alone and scared that you won’t be able to re-build yourself. You could say a promise to me.? But we all know in time that it will fade. Just like we all do someday. People will come and go, but only certain people that care will stay forever. Life is just another story book that hasn’t been finished or read all the way. Let’s try not to repeat what we have always done. It shows a sign of failure. Try to be what you want and need to be in this world. But without bravery your wildest dreams could dive right down to the ground. Prepare yourself for hurt and misery in this world. Trust no one never become to close and always find something wrong with the situation. To make it all better again. Think before you say? You could take someone’s life with childes things you say. You may think that it is all going to be okay in the end. But in reality it really will not. The people that told you that they would never hurt you always bring you the most pain in this world. Write down things before acting think with the regrets in your head. You may live once but make you’re living once worth flashing back and watching someday. Do not be ashamed of yourself for making a mistake you are human and so is everyone else. Believe all you can but believe wisely for something will hurt you and wake you up. Do not give up on yourself because then people will leave you. Standing in the cold rain making you wonder if they really were ever going to stay with you?

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