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September 23, 2009
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“Ugh! Not again!” yelled Clarissa. She spilled her yogurt all down her new shirt in lunch. Again.

“Bummer. You should, like, be more careful.”

“It’s not that! I just have no luck! I’m the most unlucky person there is!”

Rebecca sighed. “You always say that, and you know that’s not true.”

“Yeah whatever, how would you know what it’s like to be unlucky anyway?”

“Uhm, actually I’ve definitely had my fair share of bad luck.”

Yeah right. Clarissa thought. She always thinks she’s right.

It was the fourth month into school, and the students of Ms.Cards class were assigned her monthly book assignment. This time, it was to read a book from the list of classics.

Clarissa, a tall blonde who secretly loved reading, came across Pride and prejudice on the shelf. Ah! There it is!

Knowing a little about the story, she opened the book and skimmed through the pages. That was until she thought she saw something. Clarissa turned back a few pages, and realized there was a folded note inside the book.

Why don’t people ever get rid of there bookmarks? She then saw writing seeping through the light paper, and decided to take a look. Why not?

She opened it up, and there she saw written was: hi, I thought you might want to know, but I think you’re a really awesome person. I enjoy spending time with you, and sometimes want to be more than friends. Actually, I think I’m in love. I love your short brown hair, your choice of blue clothing every day, and even the scar you have next to your right eye. I hope I know you forever. -Adrian

The only Adrian she knew was the shy boy who sat in the back of the room in practically all of Clarissa’s classes. She never knew he even liked girls, since he never seemed to show any interest. But who wears blue everyday? And has a scar next to there right eye?

This clearly wasn’t any of her business, but when has that ever stopped her? She checked out the book, with the note stuffed in her pocket.

Going back into study hall, Clarissa sat by her desk and glanced around the room. All’s she saw who was wearing blue was Candace, but she was a blonde. She waited until passing time to maybe figure it out.

After lunch, thing’s weren’t going any better for Clarissa’s luck. Not with finding the girl, or just plain disasters.

“Be careful! Do you want an explosion?”

“You don’t have to tell me everything Danny. I know what I’m doing.” Clarissa complained.

“Then why is it smoking?”


“Everybody get out of the room now!” ordered her chemistry teacher, Mr.Zetser.

“Ugh! This is so embarrassing! Why does everything keep going wrong in my life?”

Clarissa just couldn’t take it anymore. She locked herself in the bathroom and cried until passing time.

Trying to keep her mind off of her dreadful day, she scanned the hallway looking for someone matching the description Adrian had left in the note. But no one stood out. Oh, who am I kidding? Clarissa thought. Why am I even wasting my time, I’ll never figure this out.

As she was trying one last time looking for that girl, something extremely heavy rolled over her foot.

Ow! Are you kidding me? I think I’ve suffered enough today!

Clarissa looked at the perpetrator and realized it wasn’t a teacher with a cart, but rather a girl in a wheelchair, the one without the legs.

“Listen, some of us actually have feet, and would prefer if you didn’t crush them.”

Realizing what just came out of her mouth, Clarissa immediately regretted having said that. As she looked at her, hoping for pity to let the comment slide, realization crept into Clarissa’s face. The girl had on a blue shirt with a matching blue skirt. She had short brown hair and that scar next to her right eye.

Clarissa smiled, reached into her pocket, and handed her the note. “Sorry, sometimes I guess I can get agitated pretty easily. I think this is for you.”

She saw Adrian coming the opposite way, and she gave him a bright smile. Confusingly, he looked at her, and then the girl in the wheelchair. Immediately he blushed seeing the note in her hand, but then smiled, and he took her hand.

Who knew it would feel so good to help someone else for a change!

“Why are you so happy?” Rebecca asked when they sat down in study hall together

“Well, I just realized how small my problems actually are. And I think I am going to start and change.”

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KiraKira said...
Oct. 7, 2009 at 7:50 pm
aw!! This is so cute!
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