Mind Over Matter

September 22, 2009
By , yuma, AZ
You know that feeling of guilt you get, when you didnt do somethimg you were supposed to finish? That is EXACTLY how I felt, when I didnt finish my studying for the SUPER HUGE quiz we were going to do in Mrs. Zacks class.
"Hey Briana, did you study for the huge quiz today?" I frantically said. Hoping she would say no, she unexpectedly said yes...
I was TERRIFIED!!! What was I supposed to do?
As the bell rang, I grabbed my things, hopped to my locker, and went straight to Mr. Franzs classroom. The period ran fast, the next period swooshed before me, and the next, and the next, and the next.
But this was my second to last period!!! NEXT WAS...(gulp) Mrs. zacks...
I flipped open my binder and searched for my answers for the quiz. And I couldnt find it...unfortunately...
My best bud Morgan handed me a paper with the answers on it. Thankfully it was mine!
"OMG! Thank you Morgan!!!" I said. "Dude you need to chill...Fermin shut up!!!" She said out of the blue.
As soon as I heard the bell ring, I ran out as fast as I could. Regan tried to catch up with me. So did Mary Beth, too. Mrs. Zacks room was next...I ran straight to her room. Richard ran into me. Goodness I REALLY dont like him...but some people think I do...
Back to what I was saying, my papers fell. He helped me and then he said, "Dude you should really watch it. This hallway sucks!"
Unfortuanely I looked into his eyes, and noticed something...I LIKE RICHARD!!! Ewww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sickened to my stomach...so then I crashed into Ben. He dropped my books and papers. I feared of him the day I saw him. But I ignored him, again. This time I mustered up the courage to walk to the classroom with dignity. I sat down and looked up at the board.
I noticed something that made me drop my jaw. The SUPER HUGE quiz was posponed...
Gee, I felt DUMB AS DIRT!!! So I just grabbed my stuff and left without hesitation. There was NO reason stay if we were doing nothing.
The next day ran fast. And I took the test with courage and I was suprisingly eager for it.
The next two days, I had gotten my grade for the quiz. And there I found a BIG A+ on the piece of paper. i got on my desk and yelled, " YES LOOK AT THIS PAPER! THIS IS SAMI OWENSS PAPER!!! TAKE THAT JERKS!!! WOO WOO!!!...sorry...i was excited...sorry..."
I went back to my house and showed mom the quiz grade and she looked at me with content. She started to proud cry. " Mom, not all over the paper." I laughed.
"Oh Sami, I am sooo proud of you! And I cant explain it." She said.
I hugged my mom and went into my room. I played my iPod on the song called 'So Far, So Great' by Demi Lovato. This day WAS so far, so great.
I learned that when you stress alot, it can be a good thing. Sometimes you can get positive things out of it. That is my moral of the day. <3 ;P

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Beorey said...
Sept. 29, 2009 at 1:32 pm
I liked how u wrote abput something people could relate to.It was overall a good story you seemed to get a little off topic occasionally.
good job!
PandiJonas! replied...
Sept. 29, 2009 at 8:30 pm
i got off topic becuz thts what ppl tend 2 do! ;)
tru dat!!!
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