September 21, 2009
It was a normal day at Tokyotown and Chef Hiroshi was cooking up a plate of sushi.

“Chef Hiroshi someone is on the phone with me and he would like to make an appointment with you!” The Sues-chef, Akira, called through the order window.

“Tell them to come tomorrow at 8 o’clock” Chef Hiroshi replied.

“Okay.” Akira said. Then he went back to cooking.

“Order up!” Chef Hiroshi shouted at the sushi bar attendant, Kaito.

“Coming!” Kaito yelled back.

Chef Hiroshi pushed the plate of sushi through the order window to Kaito. And right as The Chef started walking back towards the rice pantry, was when Akira walked in and put four more orders down on the window. Oh Boy; Chef Hiroshi thought, this is going to be a long day; and for the rest of the day Chef Hiroshi filled out all 29 orders, from just that afternoon.

The next morning, Chef Hiroshi got up and drove over to Tokyotown to open up. It was 8 o’clock, but Chef Hiroshi had already forgotten all about his appointment.

When Chef Hiroshi opened the door, a strange man was standing inside the restaurant.

“May I ask; who are you?” Chef Hiroshi questioned.

“I am Mr. Wade, the City Of New York Health Inspector, I am from the government.” The man answered.
“It has been decided that, unless you prove yourself, this restaurant will be shut down.” Mr. Wade stated.

“I will be going now.” Mr. Wade said as he was walking towards the door.

“But you can’t-”, it was too late; Chef Hiroshi couldn’t even finish his sentence because Mr. Wade had left.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong.” Chef Hiroshi said sadly to himself. It was 8:30 and Kaito had just come in for work.

“Chef Hiroshi, you look distressed,” Kaito said, “is everything all right?” A frustrated Chef Hiroshi replied with a simple;


“Then what is troubling you?” Kaito asked.

“My restaurant…, it’s, it’s going to be shut down.” Chef Hiroshi stuttered.

“That’s terrible!” Kaito exclaimed.

“Ding Dong! I just thought of a brilliant plan,” Chef Hiroshi blurted out, “the inspector said if we prove him otherwise, so let’s show him that Tokyotown deserves to stay open.”

“You are a genius!” Kaito shouted.

When it was time to open at 9, Chef Hiroshi was at his “A game”. He was flipping fish, making the sushi the perfect size, fixing soups, and boiling tea. Everyone wrote down a comment on their receipt on how good the food was. The day was a success!

That night Mr. Wade came back and inspected the restaurant and the food and found that nothing was wrong. “Hooray!” Chef Hiroshi cheered. And from then on out everything at Tokyotown was just great.

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