Gone Forever

September 20, 2009
By Anonymous

She drifted from the arch that led to the building where she had grown up heading to the cliff above the ocean in the dead of the night. The moon peaked out from behind the clouds to illuminate the lone woman in a silk black gown flowing against her body and dragging across the earth behind her. She halted in the middle of the clearing and slowly lifted her head to look at the moon with her pale skin, sad hazel eyes, red luscious lips, and jet black hair. She sucked in a breath of air as she remembered everything.

She remembered how he softly touched her cheek and told her how beautiful she looked. How his arms made her feel so safe and the world seemed so much better. The way his bright blue eyes glowed every time we were together and the way his muddy brown hair fell before his eyes. A breeze blew by and she shivered as phantom arms wrapped around her. She missed his warmth and caring soul that always comforted her during the roughest times of her life. Now it was all gone.

Tears slowly descended her pale, soft cheeks as she slumped down onto her knees and her head bowed down. Her jet black hair swung around to eventually resemble a curtain which hid her slick cheeks and red eyes. With shaking fingers she reached up her sleeves and pulled out a letter.

My Dearest Adele,

I am sorry. I am so sorry I put you through all this. You know you were always there by my side to support me and told me to open up to you but I was scared, scared out of my mind. When my parents were murdered and robbed you help me so much. However there are some things I never told you. The reason they were murdered as well as robbed is because I owe someone a lot of money. It was because of me that they died and my family and friends shunned me out. You were the only person left and I couldn't bear to lose you. I hope after I am gone they don't come after you, when you read this I will be gone forever and I hope you will never forget me but also please forgive me.

Love Always,

Another breeze rolled over the clearing brushing against the tears on her face and the letter slipped from her numb fingers flying away into the ocean, eventually being collected as trash. Adele numbly lifted her head and blankly stared at the cliff, unconsciously she walked up to the very edge staring into the dark abyss below as the waves crashed into the rocks. Thunder shook the earth to its very core as the storm started and within seconds rain was pelting down on her petite figure.

Darkness was all she saw around her and so she stuck her foot out in front of her and fell down feeling the bliss of being airborne for a few seconds before her body hit the murky water. The icy water felt like knives being jabbed into her lungs but soon she was completely numb to everything around her and she fell into complete darkness as her body no longer felt the need to live. The current carried her body to the depths of the ocean to be lost forever.

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