The Only thing

August 11, 2009
By Anonymous

stitches on my right arm,has nothing to do with what you left on my heart glass is what did the harm, not my thoughts, as much as I want to blame them. Behind, the bandages were the secrets I had, I did not share them, I had no one to blame. You never saw the clues I left behind for you. You didn’t even think the letter was real. I could have spelt it out for you, and you wouldn’t have noticed. I hid it from you for a long time. I never showed the tears I cried. You told me we know what’s best for you now!
So how come you locked me in this hell house
I tried to escape, I tried to just leave But nothing could get me out. If only the dead can come back to life then why does being alive feel so dead inside? Why can’t you see it? why can’t you see that all that can save me now is you.

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