Death is a Funny Thing

September 3, 2009
I wish it would end already. The man walks in circles, but keeps the gun locked to my head. I watch him carefully every time he comes in front of me, blocking my view of the half-forgotten television. Why won’t he do it already? I strain myself yet again to think of an answer. Does he need my permission to do it? Or is he waiting for the best time to pull the trigger? I stifle a laugh at my conclusions.
The man seemed to notice. I was as he comes to the front of me, gripping the gun tighter. “What are you laughing at?” he roars. “Do you think this is funny?” he shakes the gun in my face the abruptly points it at my head again. I chew that over a bit, which seems to drive him insane. He pushes it harder into my skull, which makes me believe my skull will crack and that will kill me.
“Death is a funny thing” I finally proclaim. I see his face grow red and I hear the beloved clicking sound from the gun. Runs around to my back and plunges the gun into my neck. “Really?” he asks, putting more pressure into my neck. “How would you know?” I ignore his second question and think about the first. “I think it’s even funnier if you get it over with” I tell him, making eye contact with him. He releases all the pressure in my neck and continues with his circles.
This drives me insane. “Why don’t you pull the trigger already?” I scream at the man. He ignores me so I kick him in the groin. He drops the gun, doubling over in pain. I leap for the gun, once I have it firmly in two hands I wait for him to get up. “You made me do this” I yell and let the trigger go.
Boom. I feel my whole body go cold. My bones feel like mush. I feel like nothing. I let my body crash into the cement floor where the man kept me hostage. I hear I laugh from him and feel him take the gun from my motionless hands. Like the sick man he is I feel another bullet plunge through my heart. “Good night, sweetie” he whispers in my ear as I fall into a pit of nothing.

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razorzRpainful said...
Sept. 23, 2009 at 3:03 pm
interestin..quite intriging
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