without shame

September 2, 2009
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without shame
“I write this without light, yet with shame. eventhoughicouldn’t redeem myself. i sit here in this dark cell, insane. but since i know that i am insane then i must not be but if that were the case then… i suppose then, that if i am sitting here alone, that eventually, i will. i know that i knew this when i came here, but i do not know… anyway, the fact remains that i am writing this in complete black. but how could i know? my eyes could have been gouged out. or maybe i am blind nattura-. oh. here comes the executer to take me away. but why. this writing will be the last i write, so it may be remembered. its dark. so dark. and the man ina hood will pick me up, place my slumped body onto the noose, and kill me. although i’m already dead. i’m already dead.”

this message was found transcribed in ancient egyptian in a previously unexplored cave. the cave apparently collapsed at the entrance, sealing it off from the rest, a prison. a skeleton was found , agianst the wall, across the transcription

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Oh_ShelbY_XD said...
May 7, 2010 at 3:25 pm

 mysterious yet stunning


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