August 31, 2009
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The Argument

“You’re angry with me aren’t you?”
The question rolled through my head all night. I turned the corner to her door. Before she realized I was there I looked around her office. She had tons of colorful flowers, color on walls, and picture after picture of her family and friends. In my office there are just plain old lamps instead of flowers, my office is austere and painted white when hers is pink and green. The one thing I had was a picture frame though it was empty; my sister had gotten it for my 20th birthday.
“Uh John. You never did answer my question last night.” She paused for a split second not even giving me a chance to speak. “You’re my manager and my brother, but who where you last night?” “I was myself. You know how I feel about your matchmaking hobby!” “Oh well I’m so sorry, I don’t like seeing you all sad and lonely all the time.” “I am not sad or lonely!” Oh, yes you are and you know it. Ever since Susan was murdered you can’t bare to look at her pictures or watch home videos.”
“Rose just stop please.”
She caught herself and started pleading for my forgiveness. I got that feeling of where you know you got to get of there quick or anyone around you is going to see you bust out in tears. I could already see a tear fall down Rose’s cheek. I turned toward the door, to see all my friends and co-workers just surrounding the door listening to our argument. I put my arm in front of me and started shoving my way out of the crowd just to get into the hallway. I started running down the hallway toward the main entrance. Ms. Parks the desk assistant started calling my name “John where are you going?” I knew if I were to say anything it would sound teary so I didn’t respond. I pushed the door wide open, a few seconds later I heard the door slam shut behind me. I ran out to my shiny red Mercedes, which was parked in the first spot in the new paved lot. When I got to my car I slammed the door shut. I zoomed out of that lot like I was in a race, probably left skid marks. I sped down the long road toward the exit. Luckily, the parking attendant saw me coming and started to raise the bar. I slowed down in hopes that she wouldn’t say anything. I got on the expressway and stayed on the inside lane the whole way back to my exit. I finally reached my subdivision, Rocky Ridge. I turned into my driveway and pulled into my garage. I ran upstairs to my little brown kitchen table and sat down. I felt tears starting to run down my cheek. I heard my answering machine beep so I went toward my it to see whom it was. There was one new message it was from Mr. Copelan, my manager.
“John I need you to come back to the office we’re having a very important meeting. Be there by 4:00.” He said somewhat angry. I looked at my watch it was 3:30. I went out the door to my car, and then I started back to my work. When I turned onto Chestnut Street my phone began to vibrate. I answered lament it, I did. “John I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that, I don’t know what I was doing.” I could tell she was still crying. “Its ok Rose just don’t… just please don’t talk like that again.”
“Oh trust me, I won’t. She said excitedly.
“Did you get the message from Cope?” “Yes I did Rose, I’m heading down there right this minute.” “Will you tell Cope I’m not going to be there, really just remind him.” “I will Rose don’t worry.” I pulled next to the Cybertek parking attendant she said, “What was wrong earlier today?” “Oh nothing just had things on my mind.” When I pulled into the parking lot there was a black SUV, with dark tent windows, the back was open there was one luggage bag in there.

The Meeting

I walked into the main entrance.
“John do you feel better now.”
“Yes I feel a lot better.”
“Are you here for the meeting?” “Yes ms. Parks.” “Its right down the hallway, in meeting room A.” I walked down the hallway, to the meeting room and opened the door.
“John I’m so glad you could make it. This is Sargeant Tucker. I got the message about your sister Ms. Willows will be absent for this meeting, but she got a replacement. Here she is, the young and attractive, Mary Smith.” My seat was right beside Mary. all of the chairs were marked someone’s name. Mine was marked, John Smith. It seemed like Mary and I were the only people listening. Everyone else was aloof. “I’m here because we need a device that will take the terrorists off guard. We need to move in without them even knowing. We can’t afford to loose any more men or women. You will need to fly down to Turkey, that is were the M.R.F, plant is. You’ll go there to make the gadget. There will be three scientist will be waiting for you. Then once you’ve got the appliance, made to take all the files out of Snakehead Point. John and Mary, you will take the SUV out front.” Sargeant Tucker demanded. I opened the door for Mary to see Rose standing their biting her lip, smiling at Mary and me.
“Be cautious and keep Mary safe, John I know you will.”
“I will, don’t worry.” I answered.
“So Mr. Copelan, did he seem suspicious”
“Nope, not at all.”
“Good I don’t need him yelling at me any more. Oh why did you tell him to go to the Miami airport, when he could have just taken one of the helicopters we have?” Why do that, John needs a challenge he’s smart he will know what to do.” Mary had a 1968 baby blue mustang it still looked untouched. I’ve always wanted one of those. “Well, we need to get a move on if we want catch our plane in time.” We started down the long road toward the parking attendant, she saw us and knew we weren’t stopping and raised the bar. We went right passed her, she probably didn’t even know who we were. We took the interstate all the way to the Miami airport.

3. The Trip

“So John what is your life story?” I’d like to hear your story first, only if you want to of course.” I said freely.” Ok well it all started when I was five years old, my parents did everything they could to help the military like, donating foods and other things. In fact they went out to a military base in Iraq and help cook the food for everyone. Every night they would prey for each and every soldier they new or have met and their families. In 1992 Caracas, California, my mother and father were cooking my birthday meal. They always cooked me something special for my birthday. After we had eaten I went over to my grandmother’s house so she could give her present. My parents said it was okay, and that they would wash the dishes. I remember hearing the sirens race past my grandmother’s house, I ran outside to see where they were going. It was at that very instant, I saw my house in flames, I ran down their blaring for my parents. My grandmother started to call my name I didn’t look back, I could hear her getting closer and closer. When I had reached the yellow tape the police officer wouldn’t let me get trough even though he knew I lived there. My grandmother finally got close enough to put her arms around me. I could see the tears starting to run down her face. For the next 13 years, I lived with my grandmother. On my 18th birthday I moved down here to Miami. The past few years I’ve been working for Cybertek.”
“What about you John what’s your life been like?”
“I grew up in a small town called Trentonville, Kentucky, that’s were I met Susan.
Susan had such long beautiful brown hair, drifting in the wind. Oh and those charming smelling perfumes she always wore.
“Ok John stop daydreaming” Mary demanded.
“Ok, Later on we got married and moved down to Miami. We both had always liked the helping and donating to the military, so we both started working for Cybertek. Then we went on a mission to try and receive files from Snakehead Point. We sneaked into the castle to get the files and the next thing I knew, she was gone. Then they found me and told me everything they did. She wouldn’t give them any of America’s secrets so they killed her. I escaped thankfully but I’ll still always regret not going back to save her. I’ve always thought maybe if I would have gone back I could have changed everything.” “Why, I would have never guessed such a thing. I’m so sorry John.” Mary said.

The Airport

We had finally got to the airport. When we pulled into the parking lot of the airport, Mary asked me if we would be able to bring the guns on board? I looked at her laughed, trust me I’ll figure it out. We walked to the front desk to get our tickets. Right before we could say anything, a man with a raggedy brown jacket ran right in front of us snatching Mary’s purse. He ran to the luggage racks. “Hey get back here!” I screamed. It seemed like the cops couldn’t get there fast enough so I started after him. Under my breath I told Mary to grab her ticket and take the SUV around back and load it. I started after the guy. I jumped on the luggage racks. I knew Mary knew what our plane number was because an announcement came on saying, Flight 329 to Turkey will be leaving shortly. He could see me running after him so he did everything he could to slow me down. I looked back to see were the cops were, then when I turned back around I saw two huge luggage bags coming my way. I fell; when I looked up I didn’t see him. I looked all around I didn’t see him, and then I saw him run right under me. I jumped right on him.
“Give me the purse!” I demanded. Before the cops there I ran into the little black hole labeled 329. When I was finally on board I saw Mary sitting in the very back.
“So did you get the car in?” “Yes I did.” She answered. It took about 12 hr. before we go to Turkey. It was colder than I expected.
“It would be way to obvious if we were to drive around in an American car with American plates.” Mary said. Hey, look its in plain sight!”
“We can take the Jeep out front.” Yes your right. I said. I walked casually back to the SUV. Mary went and got into the forest green Jeep. Mary started the Jeep up and drove around the back. We started loading the luggage bags into the back of the Jeep.
“If people see the SUV they will know Americans are here.” “I got this Mary, don’t worry.”
As we drove off in the Jeep Mary said, “The SUV John.” I looked at her and laughed what SUV?” Right when she had her head I clicked the button. BOOM!
“Wow John I didn’t know you had that in you!”
“Me neither.”
We drove for miles, trying to find an old run down factory.
“What is that over there by that water stream.
“There it is! Thanks Mary!” We made a complete 360 and started driving toward the factory.
“We’re here, finally!” When we both had gotten out there were three men standing on the sidewalk, or what was supposed to be the sidewalk.
“Hi there fellow friends.” I’m Arnold Gonzalez, Mike Hofferman. George Harperson. Arnold had orange Afro like hair; he also had freckles spattered on his face. Mike had very dark hair; he had it short and few spikes. George had dark brown hair too. He even had the same hairstyle. They seemed Carebreal.
“Where are our manners, please come on in.”
“Does the inside look like the outside of it?”
“Oh no we just let get like that because every other factory looks like this.”

The Eagle and Pack Rat

“Well, what should we make?” “We could make a robot… camera eyes, and if they did see it they wouldn’t care.” “That’s a great idea Mary!” “But what kind of animal?” George asked. “We could make a bird or maybe mouse.” What about both subject A and B. Arnold suggested. George and Arnold started working on the bird. As for Mike and John they started on the mouse. “Um can I help you with anything guys?” “No we got it”. Mary felt a little weird not helping. “Its alright Mary we got it. I said. Hours had gone by Mary sitting around, and the rest us working. It was 3:56 in the morning and Mary had fallen asleep on the lounge chair, in the office, we were finally done. Mary wake up we’re done. I whispered softly. She woke up and was surprised. “Have you tested it out yet?” “No that’s why I’m waking you up, come on and see.” “Oh my gosh they’re perfect, just what I thought they’d look like.” “We can call them Eagle 1 and pack rat 2.” Mike exclaimed. “This is wonderful, we can finally those files we want.” Arnold said. “Well you two need to get some sleep if you’re going to finish what you started. Here come over here you guys can sleep in this old room for the night.” “Where will you sleep then Arnold?” “Don’t worry about me, am I the one about to go finish the mission.” When they walked off to another room and shut the door we opened the old squeaky brown door and were amazed at what we saw. I felt like I was dreaming, it was so beautiful. Inside the room was a blue king size bed with the coziest white fury pillows, blue and white seating around the room with crystal clear tables between each seat of chairs, two huge blue and white fury bean-bags and bubble chairs with a crystal clear table in between them, it had white carpet with blue rugs, the walls were blue and white, the walls were lined with tall beautiful sight seeing windows although there wasn’t much to see but sand. “Its perfect.” Mary shouted. We couldn’t sleep knowing that was the only night we’d get a chance to stay in that hotel-like room, actually prettier than the best hotel. Mary sat down in one of the bubble chairs and I sat on the edge of the bed.
“I’ve heard your life story, now I’d like to hear what some your goals are.”
“Well I have always wanted to… never mind. “ Tell me John trust I won’t laugh or anything like that.” “Ok, I would like start a family some day maybe get a little puppy to. When I do start a family buy another house and instead of going and getting our picture made at some store, I’ve always wanted to take a family picture under a big tree at my house.” “I thought those were wonderful goals.
“I would like to write a book about something I just don’t know what yet. I would love to see my grandmother again. Another one of my goals is to start a family as well.” It seemed like all night we talked and talked. We both had noticed we had very much in common. We liked the same kind of shows and we both liked the same kind of music. Mary came and sat right next to me and looked at me, then kissed me.
“I’m so sorry I don’t know… I cut her off and said it is fine. She kissed me one more time. At that exact moment I new Mary was the one, the angel sent to me. The next thing I knew I was out. When I woke up I looked over at Mary asleep beside me. I brushed her long beautiful blonde hair out her face with my hand. “Mary its time to get up.” I said softly. She woke up with a grin on her face.
“We need to go John.” “Ok.” I answered. She got up and started gathering Eagle 1 and Pack Rat 2.
“Good luck to you both.” They had all said at the same time. “Goodbye.” Mary and I yelled back at them. We drove full throttle and nothing was going to stop us.” As the scientist faded the speedometer was reaching 80, almost reaching the max. The entire factory had soon faded away along with everything else.

Snakehead Point

We had been going 60-70MPH for the past four hours.
“Stop the car immediately, look way out there!”
We could see something five or six miles out in the distance. “Could it be?” “I don’t know it could be.” Lets go what are waiting for!” I floored it. As we got closer we could kind of tell what it was. We were probably only a mile out from it.
“It is, its Snakehead Point!” I stopped the Jeep right there. “We don’t need to get any closer” We’ll walk from here.” Ok let’s go.” Mary said in a panicky tone.
“John wait… what ever happens in there, I just want to tell you that… I love you. “I love you to Mary.” I said. It only took about 15 minutes to get up close to the mountain surrounding the castle. Well it looks like its up and over for us now. I saw Mary looking through her bag. “What are you doing Mary?” She didn’t answer. Then she pulled out a gun and it to me and put one in her pocket. “We might need these.” She exclaimed. We started up the mountain. Half way up Mary slipped and was hanging by one arm. “Mary hang on I’ll be right there!” I screamed. I saw her gun fall to the ground and breaking every time it hit the side of the mountain. I climbed my way up to Mary. I grabbed her arm pulling her up; she grabbed another crease and saved herself. We finally reached the top. Mary pulled out Eagle 1 and Pack Rat 2, They both made there way down the mountain and we watched them go into the castle.
The castle still had that rustic look to it; the soldiers were still guarding the castle by waling around it. I do remember they took breaks and switched out every hour or so.
Mary had gotten out a computer and pulled up the Eagle 1 and Pack Rat 2 eyes on and split the screen. We watched for a couple of hours, and then suddenly there he was… King Mundu the one that had killed Susan. He saw the animals and looked at them in a way. Mary and I knew he knew they weren’t just animals. The last thing we saw was King Mundu’s foot stopping on them.
“Oh know! We have to do something; lets go we’ll have to do it ourselves. She was determined her voice was furious.
No, I cant loose you to Mary.”
“But John we have to we’ve gotten this far and now you just what to give it up, just like that, tears starting falling down her soft cheeks.
Just the thought of her dying, I couldn’t bare to even think of that. I had to do it for her. I couldn’t believe what I was about to say.
“Well, just how are we going to get down there?” Her face lit up with excitement as I said that. She took out a blanket with plastic bottom I didn’t really know how that would help us. “Get on, me and my sister use to do this all the time.” “Are you insane!” “Get on you wus!”
Are you insane Mary, slide down on this down that mountain?”
“Trust me we’ll be fine.” Oh my god what was I thinking sliding down a mountain on a blanket. I got on after Mary did, “are you ready?” She asked, “uh…yeah, lets go.” I said in a panicky voice. I thought I was going to die but surprisingly I survived.

7. Abduction

Luckily they were switching and no one was out there.
“Come on in here John!”
The door was slightly opened Mary and I squeezed though there we were in. We walked past what looked like a kitchen. We didn’t know were to go, because there were two staircases one going up and one going down.
“Which should we take you think?” Mary asked. “You’d, wait which way did the animals take?” “They went down.” “Well let’s go.” We went down the staircase. When we reached the bottom we thought we heard something, Mary said it is probably just the wind. We walked into a clearing. “It’s a ballroom.” Mary said. Then before she could say anything else King Mundu’s’ soldiers formed a circle around Mary and I. Two soldiers stepped aside so King Mundu could walk trough.
“Well what do we have here? Ah… I know you, you were with that lady what a shame what happened to her.” King Mundu said with a thick accent. I looked over at Mary I could see the horror in her eyes. They held me back to where I couldn’t move.
“John help me!” I felt a very painful feeling in the back of my head “John help me! The words slowly faded.

“Where are taking me. Mary screamed. “Oh you will do exactly what I say if you ever want to see John alive again.” King Mundu scorched. “Well then what exactly do you want me to do?” Mary asked “Well if you just have to know… here come here, he took me to his room. His room was gorgeous. He had the biggest bed imaginable with red curtains around it. He also had king-like thrones sitting around the room. We walked out to the balcony of his room.
“You could have all this and more, if… you marry me in front of the hole entire country.” “Why would I ever want to marry a beast like you?” I said angrily. “Well if you don’t want to I can always just kill John.” “Fine you win just don’t hurt John.” I said starting to cry.
I knew I didn’t want to ever in a million years be King Mundu’s chattel. If I were to say no to the king, they would kill John. I had to say yes in order to save John. I had no idea where John was right now; I needed to know….
“But there is one thing, I need to know… where John is.” I demanded. “Oh I’m afraid to tell you but that is out of reach now. “You sent your soldiers out to put him somewhere, just where did you put him.” “Am I my soldiers? No I am not, so how could I know where they put him?” There was nothing more I could say. I walked off to my room, which of course, his guards had to escort me there. I heard chimes. It was the massive town clock striking mid-night and there was know sign of John. “Oh my sweet Mary, just to get it over with, I’ve made our wedding for tomorrow.” King Mundu said happily.

(Johns opens his eyes and looks around.)

I looked around all I could see for miles and miles were orangey-yellowish sand. What could they be doing with Mary? Where is she? The questions rolled through my head all night, I finally just went to sleep so I could stop thinking about Mary.

Wedding Day

I never could stop thinking of Mary, all night I dreamed of her. When I woke up from my nightmare it had seemed like I was still sleeping. The worst happened … I was, living my nightmare. I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake again, I needed to go and save her I started walking. I had been walking for hours then I saw something in the distance. I had found it. It was the castle. I knew there had to be a way in and out for their cars and trucks. Before I started climbing I looked all around for a way in. There it was, it was a little hole blew out of the side of the mountain. I crawled through it. I ran across the deserted field and into the castle. It was empty. I new King Mundu hadn’t done anything to Mary or he would have done right to my face. I had found the kitchen. I walked inside there were red and white tablecloths on each one of the tables, there were fancy wine glasses, the thing that caught my eye were the two boys putting up posters all over the walls. After they had left I stared at the banner reading it. It said:

Congratulations King Mundu & Queen Mary

I ran out of the kitchen as fast as I could. I knew it would have to be in the ballroom. I ran toward the ballroom. The closer I got to the ballroom the louder everything was like the choir. I shoved the door wide open slamming it behind me. Everyone turned to the door. Surprisingly there were only a few guards in the room, none with weapons.
“John!” “Mary!” We both yelled.
At this point King Mundu was furious. “You again.” King Mundu screeched. I pulled my gun and started to walk toward King Mundu. When I finally got up to him, I pointed the gun right at him. “ If anyone try’s to shoot Mary or me your precious King will die as he deserves.” I yelled. I gave Mary a gun.
Mary looked so pretty. She was wearing a white plain dress with red ruffles.
It had been dead silence for the past two minutes. The next thing we knew was, American soldiers came rushing through. Mr. Copelan and my sister came walking down the isle. “Looks like we came at the right time” Mr. Copelan said. You two have done a great job; you make perfect partners. My sister Rose said with a slight grin on her face. We talked while the MP’s arrested everyone in the room. “Hey John can I talk to you privately for a moment, please?” asked my sister.
“You know why I couldn’t come to the meeting… well I wasn’t busy at all. I just wanted to see you happy. As you call it I did my matchmaking hobby. Well hey you got to say I’m pretty good.” Wow you did that. How did you know? We have almost everything in common.” Thank you Rose for everything. We all rode in the helicopter back home. “So Mary I bet you have something to write about now, don’t you?” Yes I do, John, have you found your mystery girl yet?” Yes indeed I have, she is sitting right next to me.” Mary laid her head down on me and said I love you John. “I love you to Mary” I whispered. We were finally home. I looked back at Mary; she had a huge smile on her face as she jumped off that helicopter. She ran and jumped on my back putting her legs around my waist.
“We did it didn’t we.” “How did we, we didn’t even get the files.” I said with confusion. She jumped off me grabbing her backpack off her back. She pulled out small camera. Mr. Copelan and my sister walked up to me and were also seeing her presentation.
“I saved the camera from Eagle 1, so we did get the files.” She said plugging the small device into her computer. “Well you two do make a great team. We need to get going if you’re going to be there in time.
“In time for what?”

Mission Complete

It was six-thirty when we arrived back at Cybertek. We walked through the doors Ms. Parks wasn’t there.
“Where’s Ms. Parks John?” “I don’t know.” We kept walking down the hallway; no one was in his or her offices. “In this room please.” Mr. Copelan said. We opened the door and were surprised at what we both saw.
Everyone we knew was in that room. There was Ms. Parks, my sister, Mr. Copelan, and few of my friends and co-workers. Mary ran up to some old women holding a cute little puppy.
“Grandma” Mary screamed. “How did you know?” “Your friend called just the other day, I’m so excited to see you!” Mary ran to me.
“Thank you John so much!”
We walked over toward her grandmother.
“I got you a present.” “Oh you didn’t have to do this grandma.” “Go on open it.” Mary opened the small blue box. Inside there was a little brown trinket box. Mary opened the small brown trinket box; inside there were pictures of her parents and other personal things.
“I saved these things from the fire.” Her grandmother said in a teary voice.
“Thank you so much grandma.” Mary said, starting to cry.
“I thought I would give them to you as a coming back present.” She gave Mary the little German shepherd puppy. “ Her name is Shadow, she’s only 3 months old.” Rose walked over to us.
“Ah she’s so cute.”
“Well I have to go ok.” “All ready, well at least you came, I am so glad to have seen you… Bye grandma.” Mr. Copelan turned the radio to some station no one had probably ever heard of. Hours had past, it was already nine-thirty. Mary and I went back to her place. We drove down Main Street; she didn’t live to far from Cybertek. She lived in a small brick house with a few windows. She didn’t have much furniture either. Her bedroom was probably the biggest room in the entire house. We soon fell asleep in her oak bed that pretty much took up the whole room. I woke up around ten-thirty, happy to be able to sleep in. I looked over at Mary she was still asleep. I wrote her a note saying:

I will be back I have to finish some paperwork for Cope, see you later.

Love you,


I woke up and read the message. I knew he would be back. So I watched the news. They were talking about John and I. I made me a bowl of Archer’s Apples, the new brand of cereal they taste just like an apple and have just a hint of cinnamon. I heard the door open.
“John… is that you.” “ Yes it is Mary.” I have a surprise for you. But before we leave we need to get dressed, why don’t you put on that cute red dress and I’ll put on my tux. He took me out to his red Mercedes. We got in and got buckled, then drove off. I had no idea where he was taking me.
“ Just relax Mary we will be there soon.” We stepped out of the car I looked up and was about to cry.
“How did you know, this is my favorite restaurant?” “Remember you told me at the factory.” “Oh right.” Lacoromba was the most lavish restaurant in town. We walked into the doors of Lacoromba; they had men who opened the door.
“Willows” I said to the waiter. They walked us out to a table marked reserved. “Here you are Mr. Willows.” The waiter said.
“John you did all this, for me.” “I sure did while you where asleep I did some shopping.” “Shopping… what do you mean.” “You’ll see Mary.” The waiter came back with some bread sticks. “Would you rather have red or white?” The waiter asked holding up two bottles of wine.
“Well, what would you like Mary?” “Um, I guess we could have red.” Mary said as she bit her lower lip. “All right then.” The waiter said as he started to pure red wine into our glasses. “What would like for dinner tonight.” “I think we will take the lobster.” We were done eating. I walked over to Mary and got on my knee.
“Will you marry me, Mary?
“Oh John yes of course!” She jumped up just like she did when we got off the helicopter. I looked at Mary’s face; it was more lit up than the diamond ring. “What about our houses?” I all ready got that covered I sold them to that House Finders company. We ran back to my Mercedes and started to drive off. It was pitch black when we got home. “We better start packing shouldn’t we?” “Yes I guess so.” She packed all her things then we drove to my house to pack my things. We fell asleep in my bed. The next morning we drove around trying to find a house. “Hey there’s a house for sell, look. Mary said. We drove down the long driveway. When we finally got to end of the driveway our jaw dropped at what we saw. It was the most beautiful log cabin you could imagine. We walked inside; the first thing you could see was the huge living room. The living room came into the kitchen, the kitchen had a bar with some cool bar stools. It was a 3-bedroom house. It was just the prettiest thing ever imaginable.
“Hey John isn’t it perfect? It even has a big oak tree in the front its like it was built here for us.” Yep it sure was Mary.” We heard Shadow yelping in the car; I think she likes it to.
3 years later

“Honey got the camera?”
“Yes.” Mary said.
“Shadow come.” John said. “I got Isabelle.” Mary said.
“10 seconds, Hurry John! I’m here.”
Click. “I want to see it.” Mary snatched the camera. “Ah…we look so happy.” She beamed.
The next day I went to Cybertek and walked in the door.
“Hello Ms. Parks.” “Morning John.” “Hey Mr. Copelan.” “Morning John.” I walked around the corner to my sister’s office. “Hi there Rose.” “Hey John, so how’s my matchmaking hobby?” “What… I didn’t say that, who said that, you must have misunderstood me.” I chucked “What ever you say John.” Rose shot back.
I walked into my office and grabbed my old picture frame and put my picture of my new family in it.
The picture of Mary holding Isabelle and me standing beside them with Shadow sitting in front of us. The best part is that I had my family picture under my big tree in front of my house.

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