My Imagination Against Me

August 27, 2009
By Allie225 SILVER, Castlegar, Other
Allie225 SILVER, Castlegar, Other
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I like to use my imagination, sometimes I you use it without even realizing it
Whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter
Because when I use it, everything seems good in the world
I ponder these thoughts as I walk through the door.
The smell of my mother’s new recipe lingers in the air. I kick off my shoes and enter the kitchen.
My mother is scolding me “Don’t kick your off your shoes, it dents the walls” I restrain myself from laughing when I also hear her say “So honey, how was your day”
I mutter a quick fine when I see how many lights are on, we are wasting electricity.
How many dishes are in the sink, great more work for me to do tonight,
The Cake my mother just made, more fat to enter my stomach. I turn to the TV and see that Family Guy is on- maybe this day isn’t so bad.
My mother begins to talk to me “Do you have any plans tonight, it is Friday” I turn to her and say “No” as if it were a statement. My mother is surprised by my reaction buts continues “Well, your father is working late tonight. So if you finish up your homework, I will take you to that movie you want to see”. My face instantly perks up as I grab my French, Science, and Math.
Almost an hour later I have finished my French and Science, with quiet a bit of difficulty, and open up my math and see the first question. I am instantly confused. I try to work it out for almost a half hour when I feel hot tears running down my face, I can’t do it.
My mother realizes this and comes over to try and work through it with me, the result is more tears running down my face. I’m crying so hard, I can barely even hear Family Guy any more
My mother gets up and hugs me. “Everything will be alright” she says “Everything may seem tough now, but trust me it will work out in the end, you just have to keep trying.” she kisses my forehead, “I will love you always”. I take a deep breath and close my eyes tight to try and stop the tears from running.
When I open my eyes I realize that I have done my French and Science but that pesky number 1 question is still in front of me unanswered. I look around to see that the TV isn’t on, that there are no dishes in the sink, and all the lights are off. There is no cake on the counter cooling off, and there is no warm scent lingering in the air. Worst of all there is no Mother by my side saying that she’ll love me always. I bring my head to the table in front of me and cry even harder.
Sometimes my imagination likes to go against me, it may end with harsh consequences, but when I use it, everything seems right in the world.

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on Dec. 7 2009 at 9:42 pm
Bexapottamus GOLD, Houston, Texas
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"Get better, not bitter."

you are a beautifully tallented writer! keep going!

on Sep. 4 2009 at 5:22 pm
cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
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I can relate a ton to this. even though it is filled with sorrow, this is beyond beautiful because it shows strong emotion on this topic. thank you for writing!!!

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