A Venetian Morning

August 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I walked down the street sniffing the crisp night air, smelling leaves falling gently to the rain laced earth. I watch the quiet gondola gliding through the water silent as a grey owl. Climbing aboard the gondola I put my fingers in the dirty water feeling the its smooth coldness flowing through my fingers.I smell fresh baked bread and I hear Anthony the baker singing quietly. Sliding out of the gondola I buy some of the bread. It is so sweet, milky and filled with crunchy almonds. Ever so slowly, I work my way back to Luigiā€™s Restaurant. Once I arrive, Ed, my waiter friend, brings me a plate of breakfast. I slowly eat the thick flavorful rigatoni, savoring the grainy flavor of the cast out pasta. I curl up under my blanket with a full stomach. Moments later, I fall into a deep slumber.my problems no longer haunt me. They will wait.

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