Six Charms Make a Whole

August 29, 2009
By Elizabeth Lehmann BRONZE, Madison, New Jersey
Elizabeth Lehmann BRONZE, Madison, New Jersey
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I have a charm bracelet, you see. I keep my charms close to me on my left wrist. I watch them swing and dance as I walk and move, but something about them always catches my eye. I see them glint and I see them sparkle. You are probably wondering why these charms are so significant. Well, there are six charms on this bracelet.

Gold is elegant. It portrays a feeling of opulence and pride, to me at least. As you might have guessed, this specific piece of jewelry is gold. Pure at heart, not trying to be anything else, the gold bracelet sits majestically on my wrist enjoying the thumping of my pulse.

Six charms. Yes, six hand crafted charms that are quite unique. This bracelet is me. Another wonderful fact about this bracelet is that each charm was hand- picked to be given to me by my father. My father is my best friend. He seems to always know the correct action to take. He is my support. With my mother gone, he has to be that support. Just as he always knows the correct action to take, he knows which charms contain my personality, and those that don’t. Thanks Daddy. Every year since I was ten, I have received a charm.
The first one is a pair of tiny ballet shoes. I have always had a passion for dancing. I love the feelings of freedom and individuality that are associated with dance, therefore ballet slippers are a very appropriate charm to begin with.

The next charm that I graciously received from my father is a little c.d. Perfect. I adore music. It allows me to be crazy and when I dance along to the beat of a song, nothing else exists. I close my eyes and feel the bass pump my blood and keep the rhythm.
Number three. This charm is a diminutive breast cancer ribbon. This charm especially is close to me. My mommy died with breast cancer. Horrible. But this charm allows me to always be near her. She can always be with me. That is more than I could ever ask for.
After the year I received that, I collected a small pencil. The pencil signifies my interest in literature and writing. I worship the feeling of putting a pen or pencil to a clean sheet in my journal and writing for hours about my days floating through life. Quite suitable.
Last year, my father passed to me a minute shoe. The shoe is of importance due to my adoration of fashion. Clothing and shoes together, outfits that are created, it is just amazing. I always wish to be put together.
This year, well, just last month, I was presented with a smiley face. I have realized that this charm is probably the most important. This charm is a way of life. Happiness is the most valuable trait that any individual can possess. Some may argue if happiness is a trait because it comes and goes, but it must be present in order to live a healthy life. My happiness is extremely critical in my life. My life needs happiness in order to go on every day. Yes, I look down at my smiley face, and smile.
Memories will occasionally fade. However, the more memorable these memories are, the longer you will treasure them. I will always cherish my fantastic gold charms on my dazzling gold bracelet. But the memories that they conceal will be mine for eternity. That is, forever.

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