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August 21, 2009
By Anonymous

"Mom i really dont want to go" complained Seselia. She had just been moved to a new school 91 Elementry a K-8 publick school. She was going into 7th grade at the age of 13, yes she was old to be going into 7th but such her family moved so often they decied to hold her back in 3rd grade. There for she acked as if she was she was in high school. Her mothers disaproved of this, yes her parent s were both females. This made her feel different. Seseaila was a anti-friendly person the only person/friend she ever had was Howie Fiddlenooden who was her best friend in 2nd grade and he was the only one Sesealia trusted with that secret she told him he made fun of her for the rest of the year and that was the only move she was exsited for. after that all the moves seem unpleasant and she soon grew apart from people even family the only time she cared to see her big sis Bree wa swhen she need to borrow her makeup and even then it wa sa hi bye sorta thing. Bree was a person to be jelous over, blond,tall,athletic,smart and smokin hot. Fit in where ever they went. so when she came home with Cassy Q. they were all surprized.
to be continued

The author's comments:
this will be a 6 part series about a girl and her interesting life hope you enjoy

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