Shopping with Gramma

August 21, 2009
By Halie14 GOLD, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Halie14 GOLD, La Crosse, Wisconsin
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My Mom woke me up today saying get up get up your going shopping with your gramma. Well knowing me and how much i hate shopping she will be picking the stores and the clothes. So we get to the store i pick Hot Topic theres lots of sales right know so i dont have to feel bad about spending a lot of money. And she goes straight to this horrid pink bellarina skirt with a price tag that says 3 dollars. Im thinking in my head its not even worth that. But she says try it on. So i do it looks marvouless on me. And she loves it we bought it and the guy i think his name was alfred gave it to us for a buck just because i was with my Gramma. I love shopping with know we decided that Hot Topic was the bomb store. And left for home

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