Liars, Cheaters and Hypocrites

August 20, 2009
By RyanBahr BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
RyanBahr BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
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This is extremely stupid, 110% pointless. I’m sixteen years old. I’m beautiful, I’m happy; I’m supposed to be living life, breaking all the rules. But, I guess someone forgot to remind the old, dull Ms. Arthur of it. Because here I am, wallowing in self pity about some stupid essay she assigned for “intro to psychology” due tomorrow. Of course, I’m not finished. In fact, I haven’t yet begun to waste my time slaving away in front of the intimidating, blank white screen on Microsoft Word 03. Oh well, Ms. Arthur is new to teaching the class, maybe she’ll go easy on us. I hear Mrs. Loster was much more difficult until she retired last year. Yet for some reason, the aged and wrinkled Ms. Arthur found the need to keep the same, meaningless curriculum. Truth be told, I have nothing to say about “the importance of honesty in our world, and how it has shaped mankind.” Ms. Arthur never was young. She’s been senile her entire life if you ask me. But, here goes nothing

“Honesty: In my opinion, it doesn’t exist. We’re all placed on this earth as clean, delicate individuals, yet every single one of us will leave tarnished and destroyed by cheating and lies. Lies, that’s right Ms. Arthur, I said it. Our world is filled with deception; our world is a place where people hurt and punish others as they please. “Why?” one might ask. The answer: because we can. No one can truly stop us; nothing can ultimately make us do the right thing. So, we take advantage of the world, of others, and of lies.
Ms. Arthur, men and women alike have effortlessly passed of the “emergency at the office” routine to free up a solitary night away from their families. And, to do so just so they can hit the “happening” bars and clubs to meet a risky, unforgiving individual and his or her seven bottles of beer. Those cheaters.

But, the kids abandoned at home are just as guilty whether you believe it or not Ms. Arthur. A night without parents, a night without the uncalled for nagging and questioning is a night to remember in the eyes of a wild teenager. What happens in that house to the wee hours of the morning stays in that house. But, Ms. Arthur, I can assure you that those “angels” for children weren’t actually studying and having an intense Scrabble tournament as they tried passing off. Those liars.

I’m deeply sorry to tell you that the trickery doesn’t end there. No, dishonest, deceitful human beings are everywhere, even in school. Yes Ms. Arthur, it’s true, take my word for it. How about the hundreds of loud, whiny teenagers you’re forced to tolerate in the cafeteria every Tuesday and Friday afternoon when you have lunch duty? Well, let’s take a more in depth look at things. Don’t you ever get suspicious of those same four kids who rat the hundreds of others out for swearing or stealing day after day in the lunchroom? And, to think that they just snitch on everyone else to get on your good side, and even more importantly to divert your attention. Stay with me Ms. Arthur, I know you don’t believe the hollow words I’m saying. But, I’m not lying this time. While you’re writing up three after school detentions, those same four “blessings” move slyly through the buffet line to burn fourteen cents on a useless carton of chocolate milk. “Why?” you might ask yet again. Because, under their angelic smiles are cackling grins. And more importantly, under their bulky sweatshirts are two double cheeseburgers with pickles. I know, I know, those are the most expensive. But, it’s true Ms. Arthur. Those thieves; those hypocrites.

Honesty: where has it gone Ms. Arthur? One thing is certain; it’s no longer with us.”

How beautiful; an absolute gem. 468 words of pure Arial-font genius on an overflowing Microsoft Word 03 screen. That should be enough to shut up the old prune of a teacher for a while. Finally, I can get back to more important things; more teenage things.

P.S. Thank you Rachel W. for letting me use your essay from last year. Ms. Arthur won’t know what hit her.

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on Aug. 25 2009 at 2:25 pm
:D. I like it. It's cool.

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