August 18, 2009
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Have you ever walked down the street and actually taken the time to look at everything you pass by? To appreciate the things you normally wouldn't notice? Kara Wilton tried to notice every little thing she passed; after all, it was her job. She was a photographer for a local gallery, "The Smallest Fingerprint" was what her exhibit was called. Kara was spectacularly famous throughout the country and people always came to see her work, hoping they would get her as there tour guide. Each day she would carry around her camera needing something new for her collection at the gallery, and every day she had no choice but to give anyone who asked specifically for her a tour (unless she was already giving one). She had a lot of pictures of churches, since she lived and extremely Catholic town. Her job was brilliant, and she loved being in a small town in England. But she wished that she wasn't the one causing this small town to expand. Each day she hoped more people would leave and forget about her. She had tried taking pictures of less interesting things. like peoples feet and weird signs. Who knew so many people loved seeing those things?! She gave worse tours saying things like "I took this one to try and lose my job". And she always kept a straight face and one tone the entire way through. Who knew people thought that that was funny?!

One day it was the dead of night and Kara was out taking photos of nothing. she saw a man walking towards her down a path in the park,and as he got closer she could tell he was a teenage boy. With pink hair. When he got to him she asked him she she could take a picture of his shoes. "Oh, sure! I would LOVE to be featured in your exhibit!" He replied like the question wasn't strange at all. She took a picture and noticed afterwords he had a heart drawn on his shoe.

"Um, may I ask why there is a heart drawn on your shoe? And, why your hair is pink?" She asked, trying to be polite. "Oh! I'm gay." He didn't know this made the entire town against him. Kara only punched him and ran

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.Irie. .. said...
Sept. 12, 2009 at 8:19 pm
What? The beginning was really good!!:-) I was reading it intently, then I got to the end and it sort of....left off. I don't get what happend? It's kind of confusing..???? Why would she punch him?
ink&paper23 replied...
Sept. 18, 2009 at 9:38 pm
the entire town is supposed to be homophobic and she is kind of a jerk and was afraid that something would automatically happen to her if she was with him.
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