Disco Ball Ending

August 16, 2009
By Noire BRONZE, Calgary, California
Noire BRONZE, Calgary, California
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“Johnny, let go of me!” the blonde girl struggled to free herself from his tight grasp around her waist. She screamed, hoping to attract attention, but the club was crammed with people, drunk out of their wits, and they were focused on the DJ on stage…
“C’mon baby, you know you want me...” Johnny slurred, hugging her tighter to himself, running a hand through his long, thick, greasy chestnut hair. A drop of sweat landed on his leather jacket.
“Ugh, no I don’t! Get away from me!”
Johnny chose to ignore this comment, instead choosing to drag her unceremoniously to his glossy car. Placing himself in the leather drivers seat, he shoved her into the passenger seat beside him.
He drove quickly, drunkenly. His eyes were unfocused. She tried several times to take the steering wheel from him, but gave up soon. She refused to look at her captor, choosing instead to stare at the never-ending asphalt road. At the buildings that sped past her before she could focus on them. At the sky, a deep indigo blue, glistening with stars. At the sun, peeking over the horizon. But not at Johnny.
He was driving too fast. She gave one last attempt to stop him, hyperventilating audibly, “Johnny, no! Stop!”
He didn’t.
An unforgiving brick wall was in front of them, moving ever closer. He drove towards it. She looked for someone else, anyone else. But it was 3 am and the shadowed streets were deserted. Her fists were clenched, her fingernails digging into her sweaty palms.
“Johnny, NO!” She screamed the last syllable, terrified for her life. Terrified for Johnny’s life, too.
There was a squeal of rubber tires, a resounding boom, and the girl knew real pain as she never had before. She couldn’t move, pinned underneath bricks and smoldering car parts. She closed her eyes and prayed to God that she and Johnny would live to see the sunrise.
God didn’t answer.

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