Through the Blinding Lights

August 18, 2009
By Tara DeLorenzo BRONZE, Budd Lake, New Jersey
Tara DeLorenzo BRONZE, Budd Lake, New Jersey
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Will and I were 17 years old. Best friends, with no clue what could disappear in an instant. Driving home one night, with only stars and streetlights to guide us, it happened.

“You’re insane, Kaylee,” he smiled, never taking his eyes off the road.

“I am not!” I laughed. He shook his head, a bright smile illuminating his face. “Man, what would I do with out you?”

“Please don’t get all sappy on me, ‘cause I‘m not gonna leave you,” Will smiled.

“Promise?” I asked.

“Yeah, I promise,” he chuckled, taking my hand in his.

“Good,” I smiled, squeezing his hand.

Will and I were just talking and laughing with each other, never letting go of each others hand, when everything shattered. At full speed, a car on the opposite side of the intersection was coming, full speed, toward us.

“Will, look out!” I cried.

Will turned to me; fear lit up his eyes. He held my hand tighter and moments later, that car slammed into us.

I felt myself lurch forward and…then it went dark.

I woke up in a bright white room, trying to remember what happened. Then it hit me: the accident. Slowly, it all replayed in my head: the car coming, the impact of the car, the loud screech and slam of the collision, but worst of all, the fear that illuminated Will’s eyes. I blinked, trying to block the memory, but the images and sounds remained.

I looked around the room, quickly realizing I was in the hospital, and sitting in a chair next to me, watching me with tired, sad eyes, was Ben, Will‘s brother. A small light appeared in his eyes as he saw I was awake… I was alive.

“Will. Where’s Will?” my voice croaked. My throat burned with dryness and desperation.

“Kay, the car hit his side of the car… the impact was too much… the doctors did everything they could. He…he didn’t make it,” Ben whispered. Tears were softly falling down his cheek.

My heart stopped, and every breath I took felt cold and harsh. Grief paralyzed my limbs. He can‘t be gone.

“No,” I whispered. “He promised he wouldn’t leave me!“ Ben pulled me to him, holding me tightly to his chest. “How could he leave us?” I was trembling all over. My best friend was gone forever, leaving me alone in the world.

“He’s gone, Ben,” I whispered. My voice was hoarse and dry.

“I know,” Ben expressed sadly, holding me tighter and laying his head on top of mine.

“Don’t let go,” I said softly. Fear that if I let go of Ben, he would vanish like Will made me hold him tightly.

My tears had stopped, but my heart was breaking. What was I going to do without Will?

Breaking the deafening silence, Ben whispered, “We’ll make it through this, Kay.”

Even with the pain in my heart and no matter how much my heart sank at the thought of life without him. , I believed him because I knew Will would always watch over me. Ben and I would get through this because it was what Will would want for us.

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GeeGi BRONZE said...
on Sep. 11 2011 at 12:03 am
GeeGi BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I like the basic storyline, but it's missing a few key things. We have no relationship with the characters and it all happens so quickly. Personaly, I didn't really care all that much that Will died. I didn't know anything about him. Just consider that for your next piece of writing :)

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