The Journey

May 7, 2009
By Anonymous


It’s a few days before the big tour of My Chemical Romance starts. They are getting ready to go to their first concert and the band always kicks off there tour by going to a middle school and this year they’re going to my school.
“We need someone to come with us!” Gerard, lead singer yelled.
“Why would we need some kid to come with us on tour?” asked Frank, lead guitarist.
“You said yourself, ‘We all get bored with each other! Why not some variety?’”
“I meant that we should go new places! Meet new people!” Frank exclaimed.
“If we take someone along, we will meet someone new!” Gerard said.
“I want to meet more than one new person!” Frank explained, trying hard not to explode in rage.
“Maybe that person could open some doorways for us, you know, new opportunities.” Mickey, the backup guitarist said. He always had to intervene when his friends fought.
“I still don’t want a KID on this tour! Let alone on this BUS!” Frank yelled.
“Frank,” Bob, the drummer said, “Face it, we are going to find someone at that school who we will want to come with us.”
“Fine, but I am NOT agreeing that this is a good idea.”
“Very well,” Ray, the bass guitar player, said, “You’ll miss out on all the fun.” And so, the five men got ready for the middle school concert.

Chapter One
It Begins

Hi, I’m Becky. This is the story of my adventure with the coolest guys EVER! They’re a really cool band that I got to spend 6 months with! Anyway, I don’t leave until tomorrow but I want you to know about something that happens between me and someone else that puts me in a situation later.
It was 3:40 pm, 5 minutes until school ended. I was in science class with my B.F.F. Shay. We were doing a lab, where we have to find which of the six liquids was water. We just finished, so we were just talking.
“It’s not fair!” Shay said. “We work our butts off during notes and projects so we can have these labs and then people piddle away our time by messing around and breaking the rules!”
“I know!” I agreed, “They mess around so we have to work even harder during notes and stuff to get the teacher to allow us to have these labs! I’m going to talk to the science teacher tomorrow about it.”
We walked out of the classroom and Shay went to her locker. I got my binder in my back pack and started to leave. I heard a familiar, yet unwanted voice, “Where D’you thinks your goin’?” I turned around to see Morgan.
“Not now Morgan, I’ve got to go to the bus, besides I’m meeting my sister at the bus.” I said.
“I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere though.” Morgan smirked.
“Why not?” I asked.
“’Cuz, you’ll be in the locker.” Morgan cackled.
I ran to the bus, not daring to look back. I made it to the bus and sat next to my sister, Martha. We got home and did our homework.
“Why were you running to the bus?” Martha asked me.
“Morgan threatened to shove me in my locker.” I said annoyed.
“I hate when 8th graders do that!” Martha said.
We talked about him for a while then we watched TV. We ate dinner with our parents, fish and potatoes. After dinner we played computer. I was playing “Virtual Ping Pong” when Martha came in.
“What should we do about Morgan?”
“After school tomorrow I’m goanna tell the dean about his threats.” I mumbled, absorbed in the game.
“Okay.” Martha replied.
While I played Ping Pong, Martha drew pictures of Morgan being shot or hanged. We laughed about it while we got ready for bed. When I got into bed I saw a note in the little window in the wall in between mine and Martha’s room. It said, “Tomorrow I have a surprise for you, and it will be in your room after dinner.” I wrote Martha a note, it said, “Okay! But can you give me a hint?” Then a note came back through the slot right after I sent mine, “Mom is coming! Go to sleep!”
I turned over and breathed deeply, the door opened and then shut a few seconds later. I fell asleep and had a very fun dream, I was with my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, I was back stage talking to them, and playing games. Then we went to the tour bus. We drove to New York, then we-
“RING! RING!” I woke up and my alarm was going off. I got dressed in dark blue jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and my black skater shoes. I had my breakfast and brushed my hair and teeth. I left the house and walked to the bus stop. I got on and sat down next to Shay.
“Ready for the Science test today?” Shay asked.
“Yep!” I said. We talked about Morgan and how to avoid him after class. When we got to school, we got to class early. The first half of the day went by slowly. At lunch I sat at the usual table, the one with Matt, Will, Devon and Matt’s Mom.
“Hi guys!” I say
“Hello!” they chorused. We ate and talked about the new MCR concert in 2 weeks. We all had front row seats and back stage passes. I left for my next class and that went pretty fast. It was time for science. I got to class and sat down. We started a test and were half way through when the fire alarm went off. We all went outside and did roll call. We went back inside and finished class. I left the room and got my back pack ready. “Looks like you got away yesterday.” Morgan sneered.
I turned around and saw Morgan Lusaka. He shoved me into my locker and closed the door. I banged on the door and yelled but no one came to help.
“HELP! PLEASE!!! HELP!!” I screamed. I didn’t hear anything. I reached down to my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed my sister’s number.
“Martha!” I cried.
“Becky?” Martha asked confused.
“Listen! Go to my locker and open it! The combo is 9-35-7!”
“Okay. I’ll do that.” She hung up. I thought that she would be there quick, but she wasn’t.

Martha sprinted down the hallway towards my locker; she was stopped by Morgan. “Where you think you going?” he said.
“Nunya!” Martha said as she ran past him.
Morgan ran after her and pulled her to the ground. He punched her and let go. Martha kicked him and punched him. Morgan fell to the ground. He got up and threw Martha against the wall, then grabbing her shoulders, threw her to the ground and put his foot on her back. She squirmed away from him and ran out of the building to the back entrance.
While Morgan laughed at his victory, a security guard cam up and grabbed his arm, “Morgan! We are going to have a very serious talk with you, your parents and the dean!”
Five men walked by. They were talking to each other “I can’t wait for the kids to hear us!”
“Please! Sirs! Wait!” Martha gasped. They turned to see Martha on the sidewalk, holding her arm.
“Are you okay?” a tallish man with black messy hair said.
“Yes…” Martha said, “Just. I need you to go to locker 504, open it, the combo is 9-35-7. It’s an emergency!”
They turned and ran towards my locker.

I heard the lock turning and the door open but instead of seeing Martha, I saw five men.
“What are you doing in here?” one of them asked.
“Where’s Martha?” I asked, in a hurry.
“Martha?” said a man with dirty blond hair and a small beard. “OH! Her! Yeah, she’s outside, I think her arm is hurt.”
“What?! Let me out!” I said getting out of the locker. I started to run down the hallway, but they pulled me outside.
“She’s over here.” Said one of the men. Martha was leaning against the wall, holding her arm.

“Martha!” I yelled.
“Morgan did it!” Martha sobbed, holding her now bruising arm. I ran into the hallway and did a quick 360 scan, empty. I ran back to Martha and saw she was still holding her arm, “Martha! You’ll be okay…”
“We need to get an ambulance, she is hurt bad in the arm and leg!” the tall man with black hair said. I looked up and saw the five men were still here. They called 911 and we went to the hospital. I sat in Martha’s room with the five men.
“What happened?” asked a man with straight brown hair and glasses.
“I was at my locker and Morgan locked me in it, I called Martha and I guess he beat her up.”
“You okay?” asked the man with straight brown hair and glasses.
“Yeah.” I said. I sat in silence as they talked about their next big event.
Three of the guys left to get coffee, leaving me with the guy with black messy hair and the guys with brown hair and glasses. I stared at the wall for a moment, and then I realized something. “Hey! I know who you are!”
They looked at me with curious expressions.
“Well then. Who are we?”
“You guys are My Chemical Romance!” You are Gerard Way; you are Mickey Way, the guys who left are Frank, Bob, and Ray!”
“Correct!” Mickey said, “Are you a fan?”
“What’s your favorite song?”
“Um… probably Helena or All I Want for Christmas Is You.”
“Hey,” Gerard said, “We leave for our next tour, six months; you want to tag along with us?”
“Would I ever! When do we leave?”
“One week from tomorrow, if you give us your address, we can pick you up. Okay?”
“Okay. Here it is.” I left the hospital and went to bed. It was Saturday and I couldn’t wait until I left. The weekend was a blur. School was to slow to bear. It was finally Saturday! I got my bags and waited for My Chemical Romance to show up, when they did I ran out and they helped me put my stuff in the bus. They showed me where every thing was, “This is your bed, the computer the TV, the kitchen. The bathroom and the sitting room. Make yourself at home!” I went to my bed and put my I-Pod ear phones in and listened to music. The bus left the neighbor hood, and my journey began.

Chapter 2
First Days

I turned off my I-Pod and walked over to Gerard, “What are you doing?”
“Do you have Guitar Hero?”
“X-Box or Wii?”
“Want to play?”
“Sure!” We both went over to the TV and turned on the X-Box. We played all of My Chemical Romance’s songs. In the end, I was in the lead by two points. “How ‘bout we play All I Want for Christmas is You?”
“Okay!” We played the song, it was easy. I was in the lead by ten points, “I beat you!”
“Your better than Mickey, I can tell you that! But can you beat Frank?”
“Try me!” Gerard left and got Frank, “Frank, Becky wants to play Guitar Hero with you, battle.” Frank smirked, “You think you can beat me?”
“I beat Gerard.”
“Okay. Good point. Let’s try!” Frank picked up a guitar and chose a song, we played it and, sadly, he beat me, I chose Famous Last words and won. We played all the songs and, strangely, we tied. “You’re better than I thought,” Frank admitted.
“You’re good to. So what should we do now?”
“Well, we’re in Nebraska, so by your body it’s probably, five or six o’clock.” Gerard said.
“What’s for dinner?” I asked.
“Um… TV dinners.” Frank said. We ate dinner while we watched TV (of course, that’s why they call it “TV DINNERS”). After dinner I went over to my bed and lay down. I thought about Martha, at the hospital, not knowing I was gone. I heard the guys yelling about something, I got up and walked over. Ray was at the map, “We just went into Kansas!”
“That means only one more week until we reach our first concert!” Bob said. I pulled Gerard out of the group, “Do they know I’m here?”
“Um… I don’t know.” Gerard got every one’s attention, “Some of you might not know, but we have a new member of our tour. Everyone meet Becky!”
“Hi guys!” I said.
“Hey dude!” Ray said with Bob.
“Hi Becky!” Mickey said. We all talked with each other, me mostly. I talked about what I left at my house and what I liked to do. At the end of our conversation, Mickey said, “Becky you should go to sleep now, we have a lot to do tomorrow.” So I went and got into my pajamas and brushed my teeth. I got into bed, right below Gerard. I didn’t get to sleep at first, I knew the guys were asleep because they weren’t talking and moving. I finally fell asleep and had a weird dream, I was on stage and I was singing Helena with Gerard, and all my friends were there. I woke up and saw Mickey and Ray watching TV, “When’s breakfast?”
“Oh. You’re up!” Ray said, “Well, I guess you could have breakfast now. We have pop tarts, cereal, and yogurt.” I got out of bed and got a pop tart. I sat down and watch TV, news. It said that a fire had started in my school yesterday by the cook, but only the kitchen was damaged and there was a bank robbery. I sighed, “So, when’s the concert?”
“Um… August 12th, so in 6 days.”
“Okay.” I said, I got up and got dressed. I came back and asked, “What do you usually do the day of the concert?”
“Well…” Mickey started, “We usually just hang around and play guitar hero and stuff like that.”
“And,” Ray continued, “We usually play kick ball in the parking lot.”
“Kick ball!” I said, “I love kick ball!”
“Well then,” Gerard said, getting out of bed, “I guess we’ll play that.” While Gerard ate breakfast, I watched cartoons, mostly Sponge Bob. I looked out the window and saw that we had stopped. I looked away from the window, Frank and Bob were up. “What time is it?” Frank asked.
“It is almost 10:30 am.” Ray said.
“Where is the concert?” I asked.
“In Springfield, Missouri.” Frank said. The bus started moving again, I asked, “Who’s driving the bus?”
“Ray.” Gerard said, “He travels a lot so we let him drive.” Three hours went by in silence, then the bus stopped; half way through Fairly Odd Parents, everyone except me got up and left. I followed them; they led me through the doors of the bus. I saw that they didn’t know I was following them, “Where are we going,” I asked. They all turned around, and then Bob said, “I thought you were on the bus.”
“You left, so I followed.”
“Listen, stay on the bus, we’ll be back soon.” Gerard said.
“What will you be doing?” I asked.
“None of your business, Becky.” Frank said.
“Please tell me.”
“NO. Now go back to the bus!” I sat down on a chair and pulled up to the computer. I went to I logged on. I checked my friends list, my sister was on! I messaged her.
“Becky? Where are you?”
“I’m with My Chemical Romance! I’m hanging out with them while they are on tour!”
“Well, I’ll be on here a lot, so see you in six months!” I logged off and went to the X-Box to practice. I was half way through Welcome to the Black Parade when Ray, Gerard, Bob, Frank and Mickey came back. “Where were you?” I asked.
“Nunya!” Frank yelled, “I will tell you if you beat me in a battle though.”
“You’re on!” We played all the songs and in the end, I won! “Fine, we were, um… buying you this.” Frank said holding out a laptop.
“OH! Thank you! But why? We have a computer on the bus.”
“But we can’t bring the computer back stage with us.”
“True. Thank you guys SO much!”
“No problem! Now, how about that kick ball?”
“That sounds great!” We left the bus and went o the parking lot. We set up the bases and chose team captains, Frank and I. “I want, Gerard,” I said.
“I want Ray,” Frank said, “Now its Gerard’s turn to choose.”
“I want, Mickey!”
“I guess we have Bob.” My team was the first to kick; I stood on the home plate. Frank rolled the ball; I kicked it far and high, “Run Becky! RUN!” Mickey shouted. I ran as fast as I could. I got past first and second plate. I dodged Bob’s attempt to tag me out, and made it safely to third plate. Gerard stepped up to home plate. Frank threw the ball, he hit it right past Frank, I ran towards home plate. I heard Mickey yell, “Bob has the ball!” I bolted forward and jumped onto home plate, “SAFE!!!” I yelled, “One to Zip!” Mickey stepped up to the plate; he kicked the ball extremely high. He sprinted to first base. Nobody caught the ball, but Ray had it and was ready to tag Gerard, “Gerard! Watch out!” I yelled. Gerard saw what I meant and swerved the throw. He made it to home plate, Mickey was at second base. I kicked Frank’s throw, it bounced across the ground, I only made it to first base. Frank threw the ball to Gerard and I stole a base, “Nice move Becky!” Mickey said as he stole third. Gerard hit a foul, Frank threw the next pitch, and the ball went right past the bus. We all made it to home, “Four to zip!” Gerard laughed. “Its time to switch sides! You all have made at least one trip around the field!” Ray said as he brought back the ball. Gerard was pitching, Frank was kicking. Gerard threw the pitch, a very fast one to. Frank lobbed it high; I ran to get it and caught it, “One out!” Gerard pitched to Bob, it rolled past me, Mickey picked it up and threw it at Bob, and it missed. Bob was on second base, Ray up to kick. Ray kicked a hard ball right past Gerard and Mickey; I slid to catch it, a very successful move. “One more out and we switch again,” Mickey said. Frank was kicking again. This time it was a low ball, Gerard had it quickly, but Frank was already on second base. Gerard pitched to Bob, who just scored one point. Bob hit a high ball, Gerard knew I could catch in so he hoisted me up in the air and let me get it. Gerard was kicking, Ray pitching. He threw a strong ball, but Gerard already kicked it in the air. He sprinted to first… second… and he slides to third, “SAFE!!!” Mickey yelled. I was up to kick; I kicked a long ball, right past Frank. I ran to first, and jumped over Bob’s attempt to tag me, right on to second. Ray threw the pitch; I stole to third while Gerard stole home. A fair play and a funny one. (Ray tried to run to tag Gerard, but ran into Mickey while he ran to first!) “So,” I said, “Its Five to One. When does the game end exactly?”
“When one team gets nine points.” Frank said. Ray threw the pitch to Gerard; he kicked it low and fast. I ran to home, Mickey made it to third. Gerard was on first, ready to steal. I kicked the ball, high and far. I ran to first, sped to second. I tripped on my way to third, but made it safely. Almost being tagged my Frank, who looked very angry at my escape. “Eight to One!” We switched positions, I was pitching. I pitched to Bob, he kicked a low bouncy ball, I picked it up and threw it to Mickey who tagged Bob out. I pitched to Ray; he kicked a fast ball, straight past my head. Gerard had it and threw it at Ray; hit him straight in the back. Everyone laughed. Now I had to pitch to Frank, I threw the ball. He kicked it high and close. I ran to get it, I caught it, and now we were kicking again.
Mickey was up to plate, Bob pitching. Mickey kicked the ball right in between Bob’s legs. Mickey only made it to first base, so I had to kick a long ball. I did better than long, long and high. Mickey made it home; I was on third, “That’s it! We WON!” Gerard yelled. Everyone went back to the bus, “Are those the usual teams?” I asked Frank as we went in.
“Yeah, but we usually win.”
“Looks like I am better at some thing than you.” I said.
“Don’t push your luck.”
“Guys,” Mickey said hanging up his cell phone, “We have two days to get to the concert, they pushed the date back!”
“We’d better start driving.” Bob said.
“No DUH!” Gerard said walking in. The car drive took five hours to get to Springfield. By that time I was asleep, along with everyone else.

Chapter 3
The Concert

When I woke up, I was the only one up. I got out of bed and got dressed. I got breakfast, cereal and milk. I sat down in front of the TV and turned it on. I watched Avatar: The Last Air bender when I heard some one get out of bed. I turned around to see it was Mickey, “You’re up a bit early. Aren’t you?”
“Really?” I said, “I thought that you were just sleeping in. What time is it anyway?”
“It’s about, 6 am.”
“Wow. I am up early. So when will the rest be up?”
“Gerard and Frank will probably be up soon, Ray and Bob won’t be up for a while.”
“Can we play a prank on someone?”
“Who really likes to joke around?”
“Frank. Definitely Frank.”
“Can we put whipped cream on his hand then tickle his nose?”
“No. But we can put whipped cream on his face, then tickle his nose.”
“You are awesome Mickey.” We walked over to Frank. We whipped creamed his face, except for his nose. Then tickled his nose with a tissue. Frank twitched then slapped his hand on his face. The whipped cream went all over his bed (and Mickey and I) He sat up in bed and whipped off the cream, “Very- Funny.” Mickey and I cracked up laughing at Frank’s face, all white and puffy. “Who planned this?” Frank demanded.
“I did!” I said through laughs.
“Well, if you were Mickey, I would kick your-”
“Frank! What are you doing?” Gerard said, rubbing his eyes, “What are you doing Becky? It’s 6:30!”
“I was- We were,” I looked down, “Mickey and I were playing a prank on Frank…”
“Well,” Gerard said, “Don’t do it this early anymore ok?”
* * * *
I played Runescape while everyone else got ready for the day. Martha wasn’t on, so I just walked around the world, killing people. I was half way through killing a goblin when Ray said, “We should probably go into the stadium now.” I turned off the computer and followed them inside. When we were inside, I sat down backstage and turned on my laptop. I went on Runescape and kept playing. “What should I do during the concert?” I asked.
“Well,” Bob said, “You can play on the laptop, or just sit there.”
“What do I do if some people come around and say I can’t be here?”
“Tell them you’re with us.” Mickey said, “And show them this.” He handed me a card that said, “Backstage pass VIP”
“Okay.” The rest of the day was dull, everyone arranging the stage, and that stuff. When the stage was set up, I walked around looking at the instruments. All of a sudden, there was a huge crash backstage. I ran to see what it was, one of the sound systems fell, and Frank was right beside it. “What happened?” I cried.
“The sound system fell when we turned it on! Now we need to get another one set up!” Frank said. Gerard and Mickey ran in, “Is anyone hurt?”
“I don’t think so,” I said. Bob and Ray walked in, “Wow.” They got a new sound system set up very quickly. I walked around stage and looked at where the audience would be. “Nice view isn’t it?” Gerard asked.
“Yeah,” I said, “But don’t you get used to it?”
“Kinda.” I walked around stage a bit more and then went into the audience. Gerard followed me all the way to the very top row, “It’s amazing!”
“I know,” Gerard said. We walked back to the stage, by that time, it was lunch. We all ate pizza and soda.
After lunch, I went back to my laptop and played Virtual Skiing. After a few hours of playing my laptop, I heard voices, younger and female. I walked on stage and saw that people were coming and sitting down. One teenage girl saw me and yelled, “Hey! You! Why are you up on stage, you’re not allowed to be there!”
“Yes I am!”
“Prove it!”
“Gerard! Mickey! Frank!” All three of them walked out, “What Becky?”
“Tell these girls that I am allowed to be here,”
“No. Just go backstage.” I walked backstage and sat down with my laptop. We all ate dinner, sandwiches and milk. The guys went on stage and I just watched. My Chemical Romance played 5 songs then came backstage, “Becky, we have 5 songs left, but we also play 3 encores. So this will end in about an hour, okay?”
“Okay.” They went back on stage and played the eight songs. When they were ready to go, we left; I was first in the bus. I went straight to my bed and lay down, “How are you not exhausted?”
“We’re used to it,” Bob said. I fell asleep right after that. In the morning, the bus was moving. I got up and looked at the clock, it read 9 am. I looked around, everyone was watching TV, “You’re finally up.” Frank said. I walked over to see the TV, it was news. A blond lady was talking about last night’s concert, “Yes, My Chemical Romance had a huge audience of 4,000 people last night.” Everyone cheered. “I didn’t even know the stadium could hold that much!” Mickey said. I walked to the kitchen and got some yogurt, vanilla. I finished breakfast, and went to my bed to listen to my I-Pod. I didn’t realize how much time had passed, but when I looked at the clock, it said 4 pm. I looked around, everyone was at the TV again, but they were watching something else. “What are you watching?” I asked.
“We’re watching TV.” Frank said.
“I mean what show.”
“I don’t know some drama.” I went over to the window and saw that we were in a big city, with lots of people, “Are we in New York?!” I asked.
“No, we are in East St. Louis.” I walked over to the computer and went to Runescape, Martha wasn’t on. So I just sold stuff and talked with my other friends. I got bored so I went to take a nap.
The next month went as usual, concerts, kick ball, computer and TV. We had finally made it to New York; this was the biggest concert so far. The stage was all set up and every thing was ready, but I never knew that people had found out about My Chemical Romance’s new traveling partner, me.

Chapter 4
Who’s who?

It was the night of the concert, we were all back stage. I was on my laptop playing Runescape. I heard the guys go on, so I knew that I was alone. All of a sudden, I heard shrieking. I looked up, there were at least five other girls in the same outfit as me, same hair color, and same eye color, and they all had makeup so they would look like me. I closed my laptop and walked over to them, “Hey. Do you guys have a pass to be back here?”
“We don’t need one; we are traveling with My Chemical Romance.”
“Well, we’ll see about that.” I walked over and opened my laptop and continued to play. After the concert I got up and walked over to meet the guys. When they walked in, all the girls crowded around saying, “Okay, lets go back to the bus now.” They all looked confused, “Okay, which one of you is Becky?”
“No! Me!”
“No NO!! Its ME!”
“Okay! Everyone! In a line! NOW!!!” Everyone got in a line. Then Gerard said, “Can any of you tell me what we’ve done so far on the tour?” I raised my hand and said, “I can Gerard!” I stepped forward and spoke loudly, “I met you at my middle school, I was stuck in my locker and my sister Martha told you to open it for her, she couldn’t because she had gotten beat up. We took her to the hospital and you asked me if I wanted to spend six months with you, I said yes. The first days, I played Guitar Hero on the X-Box, played on the laptop you guys bought for me, and played kick ball. The teams were Frank, Bob and Ray vs. Gerard, Mickey and me. My team won, Nine to One. At our first concert you gave me this,” I help up the VIP pass, “and we got back to the bus at around 11:30 pm. Any Questions?”
“Yes,” Gerard said, “At Guitar Hero who did you play, and who did you beat?”
“I played you and Frank; I won against you, and tied with Frank. Oh! And Mickey and I played a prank on Frank two days ago.”
“That’s Becky!” Frank said, “Everyone else, GO AWAY!” They all left and we went back to the bus. I lay down on my bed, I sighed, “Does that happen a lot? I mean about the girls going backstage, trying to hang out with you?”
“Yeah, but they do it in weirder ways.”
“Like, they’ll be on those hospital beds pretending to be unconscious and people will be trying to help revive them, and we’ll go over to ask if there okay and they’ll go ‘Oh! Hi Frank!’ And they’ll start talking to us.”
“Wow. Talk about desperate!”
“Yeah, but it’s pretty hilarious!” I got up and walked over to Gerard, he wasn’t talking to me, so I decided to scare him. I walked behind him and yelled, “BOO!!!!” He jumped so high, I couldn’t suppress a laugh, and neither could Frank or Mickey. We burst out laughing at Gerard’s reaction, “You should’ve seen your face!” Frank laughed, “That was to good! Nice one Becky!” Gerard turned around, “Becky! Next time. Do that to Bob or Ray, they deserve it!”
“I’m sorry! It was just so classic!” I walked around to Frank and high-fived him. Mickey was still giggling. I sat down at the TV and changed the channel to Nicktoons, it was Sponge Bob. I thought that everyone was still sitting down, but then I heard foot steps. They were getting closer, so I said, “Don’t even try to scare me, Gerard.” I turned around; Gerard was about a yard away. I smiled at him and said, “You couldn’t scare me to save you life.”
“I’ll scare you some day,”
“Wanna bet?”
“How much?”
“20 bucks!”
“You’re on!” I went to bed and fell asleep. In the morning, it was dull; I knew Gerard was up because I could see him in the mirror that hung above my bed. He was doing something in the kitchen, so I got up and walked over, “Watcha doin’?” He didn’t hear me, so he jumped a bit.
“I’m cooking eggs, want some?”
“Yes please.” I walked over to Frank and said, “Can I scare him?” Gerard turned around and said, “Go ahead, it’ll be funny.” I leaned over Frank’s face and yelled, “BOO!!!!!” Frank jumped out of bed and yelled, “Not Funny Becky!” But Gerard was on the floor laughing, “You- Should- have seen you face Frank!!!!” I laughed to, by that time Mickey and Ray were up. Bob was still dead asleep. We all ate breakfast at the TV. After breakfast, I went to the computer to play Runescape. Martha still wasn’t on, so I decided to check my e-mail. I had 5 unread messages, 3 from advertisement, one from Shay saying, “Hey! How’s it going?” And one from Martha, it said, “Hey! Becky! Where’s the next concert? I want to come see you!” I got off the computer and asked, “When and where is the next concert?”
“Five days, in Boston.” I ran back to the computer and e-mailed Martha, “Martha!! The next concert is in Boston, 5 days!!!” I got back up and watched the TV. I was sitting right next to Frank and Mickey. Then someone yelled, “BOO!” I jumped and turned around, Gerard was smirking, “That’ll be Twenty Bucks Becky.”
“Fine, you win.” I went to my bed and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. “Here you go.” Frank got up and looked at Bob, “Gerard, I’m goanna scare Bob awake, this will be good.”
“Don’t’ care.” Frank walked over and yelled, “Bob! Wake up, you’re on fire!” Bob sat up and screamed,
“Put out the fire! AHH!!!” We all laughed at Bob. He finally stopped jumping and looked at Frank, “Very Funny.”
“Thank You! Thank You!” Frank said, bowing. I sat down at the TV and changed the channel from news to Nicktoons, Jimmy Neutron was on. I watched Nicktoons all day while we drove to Boston. At lunch, I ate Macaroni and Cheese. Then I was on the computer playing on a website where there are a variety of games. I was on the computer for about an hour, then I heard Mickey say, “We’ll stop here for today, then we’ll continue driving tomorrow. I looked out the window and saw that we were in front of a motel, “Are we going to rent a room?” I asked.
“No, but this place has a big parking lot.”
“Oh…” I said, getting up. I walked over to the TV and turned on the X-Box. I picked up the Guitar and chose a song, I heard Frank yelling, “Hey! I was watching TV!!!” But I didn’t pay attention; I needed something to get my mind off of seeing Martha again, it had been so long, I hadn’t seen her or asked her about school or our friends or how she was doing. After I played all the songs I played them again. I did this for about two hours. Then I ate dinner, chicken salad. Then I went to my bed and listened to my I-Pod. When I was bored with my I-Pod, I went to see what Mickey was doing, “I’m tuning my guitar, and it takes a lot of time to do it.” I watched him for about ten minutes then went to watch TV. Since I had started playing Guitar Hero in the middle of Frank’s TV program, he decided to do the same to me, “I don’t really care, and I’m still watching the TV.” After Frank was done playing, I went to my bed and lay down. I fell asleep within ten minutes.

Chapter 5
Seeing Martha Again

We were two days from the concert in Boston, and I was extremely excited. We were all excited to get to Boston. We finally made it after a four hour drive; we stopped in front of the stadium where the guys were performing. We all got out and went into the stadium. It was very large; it had a big stage and many seats. I finally remembered that Martha was coming to this concert, so I ran back to the bus and got on Runescape. She was on, “Martha!! What seat does your ticket say?”
“Um… Row 2 Seat 4, where is that?”
“It’s right in the front! If you’re facing the stage, I’ll be on the right side; if you look there you might see me!”
“See you there! Wait! Can I come back stage?”
“Stay after the concert, then I’ll come out and introduce you.”
“Okay!” I got off of Runescape and went back to the stadium. The guys were still there; I went over and said, “What are you doing? Let’s go back stage!” Frank looked at me and said, “Why? You’ve been backstage 5 times already!”
“So… It’s still cool to see the stage from behind the curtain!” I walked backstage and sat down. I didn’t know why Frank was in such a bad mood today. Even he is in a better mood usually. I didn’t want to see the guys right now, so I went to one of the dressing rooms that were unused. I closed the door and turned on the light; it was a small, shabby room with a mirror in the corner and a close rack. It was really dusty to, I sneezed. The lights flickered and flickered. I knew that they were old. I walked over to the mirror, it was broken and the lens was bent in an odd shape. I looked at the close rack; it had moth eaten coats and old pairs of shoes on it. All of a sudden the lights went out, it was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. I tried to walk toward the door, but I ran into the wall. I heard footsteps outside, I tried to keep quiet. I stood completely still, my heart raced way to fast. I heard the footsteps stop at the door; I stepped back into the corner. The door opened a crack, the footsteps got quieter. I left the room and went the other way. I went out the audience. I didn’t see anyone. I walked out to the bus, I looked in the window, and no one was there. I went back backstage, I saw Mickey walking the other way, I followed him. He walked into a large room with a lot of electronics. Frank was at a computer, “See, if we go from Boston around this way, it takes one week, but if we go form Boston around this way, it takes only 3 days.”
“What are you talking about?” I asked. Frank looked up at me and said, “Becky. Go away! Oh, and Gerard’s looking for you.” I left the room and tried to find my way back to the stage. But I couldn’t. I was in a long white hallway, it had many doors. I heard footsteps and ran to see who it was, I followed the sound and found Ray, “Oh Ray! How do I get back to the stage?”
“Take the next right then the second left.” I ran in the direction he pointed, I was soon on stage again. I saw Gerard across stage with Bob. I ran over to them, “Hi guys! Gerard, Frank said you wanted to see me?”
“Yes, I did. Listen, tomorrow’s concert is going to be really late, so are you sure you want to stay up that late?”
“Positivley!” I said quickly.
“Well, is there anything you are going to want to do afterwards?”
“Yes, I want you to meet my sister, Martha.”
“Wait!” Bob said, “She’s coming here?”
“Yeah, that’s why I ran back to the bus, to talk to her about the concert.”
“Oh, well, we’ll meet her, but she is not coming along with us!”
“Okay…” I walked back to the bus and plopped onto my bed. The cool thing about my bed is, if you look under Gerard’s bed, there’s a door. If you pull that out and swing it down, it closes up my bed. So I pulled down the door and turned on my I-Pod. Probably half an hour had gone by, so I turned off my I-Pod. I pushed on the door, it wouldn’t move. I tried again, same result. I started to get scared so I yelled, “Guys! I can’t open the door!” There was no answer. I yelled again, “Guys! This is not funny!” No answer. I grabbed down to the bottom of my bed and pulled out my cell phone. I scrolled down the caller ID list until I hit Gerard’s number, I hit call, “Gerard?! Yes! This is Becky! Listen, I’m in my bed and I pulled down the door so I was alone, and now I’m stuck!!! Ok, thank you!” I hung up and waited, a few minutes passed and then I heard the door being pulled up, it wasn’t Gerard I saw; it was Frank, “Get out!” He yelled, “What were you doing?!”
“I was listening to my I-Pod!”
“Well, don’t close that door anymore!”
“Fine! Gosh! You’re in such a bad mood today!” I walked out of the bus and on to the stage, I sat down behind the drums and looked at everything. I got up after a while and walked back stage. I saw Gerard and Mickey walk out of the room, I followed. They walked past the room with all the monitors, and into a room with a huge TV. I walked in and asked, “What’s this room?”
“This is where we play WII and X-Box.” Mickey said.
“Can I play?”
“Sure, just don’t play past 5”
“Kay, Kay.” I said, I walked up to the TV and turned it on, then I turned on the WII and put in a game. WII Sports. I didn’t have a character, so I created one. Dark Brown hair, blue eyes, round face, red and black outfit. Then I chose to play WII Tennis, I was pretty good at it, I won ¾ games and I didn’t have any help. I was in the middle of my 5th game when I looked at the clock, it was 4:55! “Don’t play past 5!” I saved, turned off the computer and WII. I ran out of the room and back through the hallway, I made it to the stage. I heard the engine of the bus running. I ran to the bus and walked inside, “If you had been two more minutes, we would’ve left you…” Frank said, looking at his wrist watch. I walked over to my bed and sat down. The bus started to move, “Wait! I thought that the concert was there!”
“It is,” Ray said, “We just have to park somewhere else.”
“Back there,” Bob said, pointing to a narrow, dark parking lot. I got up and walked around, “Where’s Gerard?”
“Oh, he’s already there, waiting for us.”
“Ok.” I walked to the window, I saw Gerard in the parking lot. I sat down in front of the TV and watched the news, “There is a major snow storm in New York today! 10 inches of snow!” I got up and went to my bed and listened to my I-Pod. I listened to my I-Pod for about an hour, then I got up and watched TV nothing good was on so I asked, “Can we play Kick Ball again?”
“Yeah!” Mickey said, “Let’s play Kick Ball!” We all went out to the parking lot and chose teams, Frank and I were captains again, I chose first, again, “I choose, Gerard!”
“I choose… Mickey!”
“I choose, Bob!”
“Ray your on my our team!” I was first to kick again, since they new I kicked long and high, everyone was on the outfield. Frank pitched the ball, I kicked it fast and low. I ran to first base, made it and continued on to second. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Ray had the ball, I sped up and just barely made it to second. Bob kicked a long nice ball, I made it to home, Bob on third. Gerard kicked a low, fast, long ball. He made it to first (Frank, had planned ahead and was already there to throw). I stepped up to plate and kicked a bouncer, it was enough for Gerard to get to third and me to second. Bob kicked a lob, he ran to second and Gerard and I both made it to home. I pitched the ball to Frank, he kicked it low but I was ready. I ran up and got it, threw it to Gerard, who tagged him out. I pitched to Ray, he kicked a long lob. Bob had it in a flash, “Two outs!” I pitched to Mickey, he kicked the ball right at me, I ducked right before it hit me. It bounced and rolled right to Gerard, he got it and tried to tag Mickey, but missed. I pitched to Frank who hit a high lob, straight up. I ran forward and missed it, I grabbed it and tagged Mickey before he got to home. Bob was kicking, he kicked a lob, just like Frank, but a bit of an angle, he ran to first, made it to second and stopped. Gerard kicked a low bouncy ball, he only made it to first, but Bob was home. I kicked a long high ball, Gerard made it home, I was on third. Bob kicked a low ball, just enough for me to get home. We switched positions, I was outfield, Gerard pitching, Bob shortstop. Gerard pitched to Mickey, who kicked a fast bouncer, I got past Gerard, but Bob had it and threw it to Gerard who tagged him out. Ray kicked a high, long ball, I caught it, “Two outs! It’s 6 to Zip, right?”
“Yep!” Gerard said, pitching the ball. Frank hit a high, far ball, I ran to the edge of the parking lot and jumped up, I missed. Frank ran around the bases and yelled ,”HOME RUN!”
“6 to 3.” Ray said. It was Gerard’s turn to kick, he kicked a low bouncer, he made it to first, I kicked a high ball, but I made it to first, Gerard on second. Bob kicked a lob; we were all on a base, “Well well well…” Frank said, “Now we’ve got to do Team Attack!”
“What’s that?”
“It’s where you choose someone from our team to kick for you!”
“Fine, I choose Mickey!” Mickey kicked a long ball, Gerard made it to home, so did I. Gerard kicked a low ball, Bob made it to home. “We WIN!!!” Bob yelled. We all went back to the bus, “Well that was a good waste of 2 hours,” Frank said. I went to the computer and went on Runescape, Martha wasn’t on, so I got off. I went to the TV and sat down. Everyone was eating dinner, so I got up and got myself dinner. I sat down again; everyone was watching Tom and Jerry. We all watched about 4 episodes, then Frank and Bob got up. Gerard changed the channel to Nickelodeon, then he to got up. I watched 3 episodes of iCarly before Ray and Frank got up, I changed the channel to Disney Channel. I watched 3 episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, then I got ready for bed and fell asleep. The next day I woke up at noon, I ate lunch and got dressed. I was so excited to see Martha again! After lunch we all went into the stadium and set up the stage, we got everything set up in about 2 hours, “Only 4 hours until the concert! 8 more until I see Martha!!!” I thought as we got ready. The next hours went by slow and boringly. Finally the concert ended and I went out to see Martha, I saw her standing in front of the stage, “Becky!” She yelled as she came up to hug me.
“Martha! It’s so good to see you!” The guys came out from behind the stage and said, “Hi Martha! How are you?”
“I’m fine thanks.”
“Martha,” I said, “This is Gerard, Mickey, Frank, Bob and Ray, I’ve been traveling with them for 3 months, and won’t be home for three months.”
“Wow… You’re so lucky!”
“Well, I sometimes miss home…”
“So, you won’t be back for 3 months?”
“Yeah, where’s Mom?”
“She’s at the hotel, she said I could be out no later than 9:30. So I guess I have to go.”
“Bye Martha.” Martha and I hugged and said goodbye. After we all left the stadium and went to bed. The next month went as planned, going back West and touring in Nebraska and Kansas and Wyoming. We had two months left together, and now we have 26 concerts in 8 weeks!

Chapter 6
Last Month

We finally made it to Colorado; we had 1 month left and 12 concerts. We were in Fort Collins; we had two concerts back to back, one today, one tomorrow. We were all back stage and ready to start; I was on my laptop chatting with Martha. The concert lasted about 4 hours. When we got back to the bus it was 11 pm. I fell asleep almost instantly, but the guys probably didn’t. I woke up at 10 am, I ate breakfast and watched the news with the guys, there were a lot of stories about robberies and thunderstorms. While we drove to Greeley, I played WII Tennis with Ray, then we played WII bowling. Gerard might not pitch well in kickball, but in bowling, he kicks butt! I was in close second. After bowling we tae lunch then got gas, then we headed down to Boulder, when we got to Boulder, we got out and got more gas, then we drove to the stadium. It wasn’t big, but it was good enough. That night’s concert was shorter than usual, we got back to the bus at 9 pm, but I still went to bed. The next morning, we went to Aspen, we drove to Mt. Egbert to see it and hang out. After a few hours, we went to the stadium. It was bigger than Boulder’s, but not as big as New York’s. We went inside, the stage was HUGE! There were so many seats! I couldn’t wait for tonight’s performance. We all ate dinner behind stage, after dinner, the guys got ready to perform. When they went on stage, there was a huge applause. I sat backstage, on Runescape. Martha wasn’t on, so I just went around selling and trading items with people. When there was an intermission, the guys came backstage and said, “This crowd is great! We might be here for a couple more hours.”
“OK!” They went back on stage and continued. It was midnight when we all got back to the bus. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke up, we were driving, “Where are we headed?”
“Oh! You’re up Becky! We are heading to Grand Junction.”
“Great…” I said as I got up for breakfast. I ate a pop tart and watched TV. We drove 5 hours to Grand Junction, when we got there; we got some gas and headed to the stadium. It was big and had many seats. The concert was an afternoon concert so it ended at 7 pm. We got back to the bus and had dinner, after dinner we watched TV and played WII. At 9:30 I went to bed. I woke up early, it was dark and foggy. I got out of bed and looked out of the window, it was snowing! I looked at the GPS, we were in Colorado Springs and it was snowing! I jumped up and down and ran into the kitchen. I ate breakfast, got dressed and turned on the TV; apparently the guys had been playing video games really loud last night because when I turned on the TV, it was super loud. I turned it off right away, it didn’t sound like anyone was up so I just went on the computer. I played Runescape for a while, then went to play virtual table tennis. When I was done playing, everyone was up. I got up and turned on the TV, but muted it so it wasn’t loud; I turned the volume down and un-muted it. I watched NickToons for a while. After I watched TV, I played WII; I played WII Sports again, baseball. I almost hit Frank 3 times. I played for about an hour and a half. After that I ate lunch, then we all headed to the stadium. I was an outside stage. Meaning that I would have to be part of the audience. I looked at the stage and thought it was pretty big. I was excited to be in the audience for the first time in a long time. We all ate dinner in the bus, then we got ready for the concert. I sat down in the second row (Or at least what I thought was the second row). People started to come and sit down, by half past 6, the entire audience had come. The guys came on and everyone erupted in a roar of cheers and claps. The concert was about 3 hours so we all got to bed at about 9:30 pm. When I woke up we were in Denver, we had 2 more concerts, 5 days left, I wasn’t ready to leave. I got up and got breakfast, the other guys were already up. They were playing WII Baseball, Gerard was swinging, he hit a home run. We played WII all day; we sometimes stopped to do other things like Computer or I-Pod. The next day we spent the day at the Pepsi Center, setting up the stage, we had 3 days left and 2 concerts. The concert was long and fun, but when we were done we just watched TV until I fell asleep. The next day, we walked around downtown Denver and looked at all the cool shops. We got back to the bus at around 10 pm, so I went to bed. The next morning, the last morning, we had the concert. Gerard said he had a surprise for me, but he wouldn’t tell. When the concert was almost done, Gerard said, “Okay! We are goanna do things a little differently tonight! We have a very special friend here, her name is Becky. Becky! Come on stage!” I walked out and stood next to Gerard, “What’s going on?”
“You’ll see. Now this is Becky’s last day with us, so I want her to sing any song she wants with us! Now what song do you want Becky?”
“Um… Helena!” That last night was the best night of my life, singing with Gerard, Mickey, Fran, Bob and Ray! It was totally worth the wait! I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a big project in english class. We had to write about some person doing something really cool. So, here it is.

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