August 7, 2009
By dashawna white BRONZE, Yuba City, California
dashawna white BRONZE, Yuba City, California
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Once upon a time there lived a forgotten but still known teenager named Hazel Simons. Her name unusual and much different from other girls. She was an honor student all through high school, she loved sports like basketball and volleyball, and performing in theater plays in her drama class. She lives in a big family but yet she always seems to feel like an outcast, so it was always hard for her to keep a smile on her delicate brown face. it was hard because so many emotions were streaming through her veins almost throughout every part of her body. Everyday its like she has to fight the devil from grasping her heart in the palm of his hands. After awhile it seems like all hope is gone and all that is left is fear on her bare heated skin. Could she do this? Could she prove her family wrong and show them she wasnt worthless? The day she has been waiting for her whole life has come, so she walks up to the podium and looks up. She tells herself to relax and take a breath and slowly but calmly begins to speak.

Earlier that morning Hazel sat in her room on her warm cozy bed. She lay there staring at the wall, it wasnt till she felt a warm single tear drop fall from her face, which she relized she was starting to cry. She couldnt belive that her family wasnt coming tonight. Out of all nights, she wondered why the refused to come. It was suppose to be a night of rememberance and joy, a night where a teenage girl, becomes a bright young lady or a woman in other worlds. But tonight she will only get to see all of her close friends and there families once more before they all go there separate ways. From staring at the ceiling, she looked down at her deep green fabric hanging in the closet. She knew in a matter of time she would have to putit on and walk the future path to her goals and dreams. She has had her bags packed for months so there is only one more that stands in her way and thats tonight, so she picked up her note cards and began to practice one last time.

Later that day more in the afternoon then evening, Hazel went and got her hair done just the way she has always wanted it, in a igh bun with loose curls everywhere. After that she had an eleven o'clock appointed to get her her nails done, which only took about an hour to do. By twelve she was already on her way home in her old red pick up truck. When she pulled into her long bu narrow drive way not wanting to face
what was inside becuase she knew what would happen as soon as she walked in. Her mom would be in the kitchen cooking like she always was. Everytime hazel walked into the door she could smell the fresh batch of cookies through the front of the house but it always seemed to fade away as she walked down the long hallway to her now motionless empty room. Her dad would be in the living room in his big leather chair watching sports everyday till he had to go to work at night.He didnt really spek much other than saying yes or no. He wasnt really grumpy, he just wasnt good atcommunicating. Hazel's brothers and sisters were never home, they were either at the park or at the schoolyard playing with friends. Hazels parents werent your typical mother and father who loved and cared for there children. They never really paid much attention to there kids but mostly they never really paid much attention to Hazel. They walked past her like she was a ghost, like she couldnt be seen or heard, almost not making her human in a way. As Hazel walked into her room she relized that it is only a couple of hours till hours before the sun would begin to fall and the stars would begin to shine in the dark ble sky. As she dozed off she began to think about her goals and dreams. She has always wanted to complete college and help animals worlwide.. Her thoughts began to shift from dreams and goals, to her family and how they refused to go tonight. She thought they must know how this night is so important for a teenager. Hazel came back to reality when she heard her mothers footsteps coming down the hallway. She knew it was her mother becuase her father never got up unless he needed to use the bathroom but even then he uses the back bathroom on the other side of the house. The footsteps come to a stop at her door and you hear a light knock and there stands her mother.

As her mother stood in the doorway looking into her oldest daughters eyes, she spoke in a soft but deadly voice. She told Hazel she was worthless and that she would be crawling back on the doorstop begging to come back. Before responding Hazel began to think how she should respond, she loved her family even though they treated her like a maid instead of a daughter. After a moment of thinking she knew what she was going to say, she looked into her mothers eyes and said, thank you mother. Her mother gazed at her daughter in shock and disbelief of her response. Hazel turned and began to explore out the window pretending her mother in mother wasnt in the room, by the time she looked up her mother was no longer in sight. The room went back to silence and Hazel went backto etting dressed. When she was finally finished she looked in the mirror, she saw how the dark green fabric draped around her body. Suddenly she began to feel a little nervous but it didnt stop her from grabbing her note cards and keys. She started walking torwards the front door, not wondering why, she wonders if she should say something to her parents. Her heart starts to pound fast and faster each second that passes. Finally she looks up at her parents sitting in the living room and in a harsh voice she says goodbye forever, as she walks out the front door one last time.

Everyone was taking there seats, the big night was about to start. Hazel was sitting with a class of two hundred senior students. All her friends were sitting nervously ,some even sleeping while waiting for there named to be called. This is the moment they've been waiting for all school year, there graduation night. It was was long but they got through all the staff who had to give there speeches and it was gettinh closer and closer to hazels speech. Hazel had been school president all through high school and now it is all coming to an end. She looked around the bleachers for her family one last time, even though she knew they wouldnt be found. The princapal called her name and she began walking to the podium. She looks up at the crowd, tells herself to breath and begins to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the night of all nights...

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