This Summer

August 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I walked into my first day of my Senior in Junior High (8th Grade). It was such a big deal. I just though of all the fun moments I would have. The dances, the drama, and the couples. Especially, the couples. Would I be in that group “not taken”. Would I have that go to guy to talk to, or would I be alone for my Senior Year. All of these thoughts ran through my mind on the bus ride to school. Now every kid has a homeroom, probably of about 15 kids. There was always the funny kid, smart girl, talkative boy, and that mysterious boy. My home room had that mysterious boy. That bad boy everyone told me to stay away from. Ok he’s not that bad, but he has a reputation, and because of that reputation, I didn’t even want to be near him that first month of school. He was off limits, totally conceited, and was a wicked good basketball player. But somehow, someway he drew me in. I don’t know what did it but it happened. I just liked him. I don’t know why. We tried to do the dating thing in January, but that didn’t turn out good, because he cheated, and immediately asked out the girl after we were done. They lasted about 3 months. Eventually she broke up with him. And you know what I thought, I thought YES! HE totally deserves it. Yah I know that’s harsh, but for some reason when he asked her out, it totally crushed me…..Yes he was upset for about a week, but later on he found more girls to flirt with. Then again, I confessed to him I liked him, but I didn’t think he cared. But he actually did. He planned to ask me out the last day of school ( and I didn’t know), but before he could I had to leave and I told him it wouldn’t work because of the summer. I’d be traveling and he’s be here doing who knows what. We talked on the phone. I told him I loved him. But at the time I think I was naive. I don’t even know what love is. He asked me out twice and I still said no, not in the summer. I said maybe there’s a chance for us when school starts. That was in early July, and now it’s August and we go back to school next week. I don’t know if I want to be with someone like him. I don’t even know If I want to be with anyone. I’m not sure if I meant to lead him on, or if I did. I guess we’ll find out the first day of school...

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