What Happened When All the Lights Went Out

August 6, 2009
By Nicknjp BRONZE, Russia, Ohio
Nicknjp BRONZE, Russia, Ohio
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It all started out on a quiet Friday night. Rob’s parents had just left yesterday for their 15th honeymoon anniversary for three days. It had been a long day for Rob and he was ready to go to sleep. Rob went to his bedroom and lay down on his bed. But right before Rob fell asleep someone opened the house’s back door. So Rob’s first reaction was to see who it was. Have you ever heard the term ‘curiosity killed the cat’? Rob had but this time he was the cat and he was knocked out by someone or something. So it was now the time when all the lights went out.

When Rob woke up, he had a major headache and a lump on his head that was the size of a golf ball. He realized that he wasn’t at home anymore. Rob was lying in a damp basement cell only lighted by one fluorescent light bulb. At first Rob thought this was all a dream so he tried waking himself up by pinching himself. Rob even tried hitting himself but it all resulted in Rob ending with more pain. So that was the conclusion of that bizarre theory. After the pain started to fade away, Rob began searching the room for any hint as to where he could be or who might have taken him there. Then Rob found a letter and a gun.

The letter said there would be twenty goons; one goon per two classmates. Ten of the goons will be armed and the other ten have combat skills. You will have thirty-one bullets, ten for practice, twenty for each goon and one mercy bullet. If you are in so much pain that you can’t bear it any longer, you can shoot yourself and get it over with. But, if you don’t kill all twenty goons none of your classmates will survive.
Also if you kill yourself, every one of your classmates will die a slow and torturous death. But if you do manage to kill them all, we will return you home and your classmates will live. By the way, I hope you have good luck because the last two goons will come after you at the same time.

Then Rob picked up the gun with a trembling hand and made a target on the wall. He aimed at the target, pulled the trigger and the bullet hit five inches from the target. Rob kept practicing until there were twenty-one bullets left. Because he did not know when the goons would come, Rob took a short nap. When he woke up he heard a noise and picked up the gun immediately and pulled the trigger, aiming at the mysterious figure coming toward him. He found that he had killed the goon. Over the next hour Rob killed seventeen more men and then he thought about what the letter had said and got ready for two goons coming at one time. When two of them came at once, Rob shot the first goon but when he tried to shoot the next one he wasn’t quick enough and ended up getting shot in the leg. Luckily Rob shot the goon in the head before he could get away. Then so many thoughts raced through his head at once, like am I going to die now from blood loss, when will I get to go home, is everyone else OK, then clunk and everything went dark.

When Rob woke up, his head hurt but there was no mark on his leg. Everything looked normal. Nothing stolen, nothing moved, everything the same. He called his friends’ houses and they said there was nothing out of the normal. So what really happened Friday night; was it a dream or was it for real? I guess Rob will never know.


The author's comments:
It's about a dream.

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