August 5, 2009
By lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
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A ripple of black made its course, like silk scarves in the night. The foretelling of dreams was usurping the vision behind the concave eyelids. In the deep reservoirs of mind I knew it to be only a reverie of horror. Within awaken hours, all would be forgotten. Though in the obscured chasms of my conscience I felt a warning, a soldiers war trumpet telling of the coming enemy. And so I laid. Waiting. Though my body immobile, my mind raced forward; unleashing the walls that separated reality from fantasy, creating the playing board for a prophecy born on the wings of vitality.

The nightly curtain withdrew its hidden accusation to reveal a building; that which was dilapidated and sitting in ruin. With the blink of a thought, I found myself standing in the entryway, having no recollection of how or whom had brought me here. The room itself- darkened and filled with foreign objects- was strangely unknown to me. Faint steps issued several individuals presents. I remained silent, unable to form words upon my lips. I waited in the surrounding blackness, watching from my eyes corner, as three shadowy figures made their way from the dimness. I recognized all three. One my spouse and the other the pastor of the old church I had attended; and thirdly looked familiar, but the name escaped the face. None said a word as they took their place on either side of my flanks, not fully aligned.

As before, thoughts took me to another room in the house. With the blink of an eye, I found to be in the upper-hall-passage. I gazed toward the broken glass of a once angelical window, only to find the same rippling ocean of silk; in which some icy, glossy shine cast diminutive pixels along the structure, like moonlight on the waves of water. Stretching my finger forth into the unknown, I felt only air; chilled by the nightly atmosphere. Frozen was I in the hall. In the recesses of my mind, I called out in prayer for guidance. I could hear voices, though none did I recognize, a whispered presence in the dark. My chest swelled with fevering passion for light. A guide, a foresight, anything to withdraw my essence from this position. I felt cold hands brushing past me; hitting me like a winters breeze. I sifted through my thoughts, hoping for the birth of a miracle. A light appeared in my chest. I could not tell for whence it came from, but I welcomed its petty warmth.

The hall changed ever so slightly. Darkness remained in authority, only retreating beyond the length on my forearm. In the hall were six doors- three in each wall- and one at the end. I glided toward the first. My conscience screamed, beckoning me not to touch any door. Without touching it, the first door flew open. In the gathering dark, figure swirled and arched in shades of grey. Below the figures were bundles of some mysterious objects. Pushing thoughts to there limit, I gazed intently seeing only cloth. A low scream uttered from the floor, stating extreme agony. Moving forward, not thinking, I ascended into the chamber. The figures fixed their focus on me in eye-shaded of yellow and red. The air brushed passed me as I rummaged to escape.

All the doors I opened, finding each far worse then the previous. I had come to the conclusion that the hooded shades of grey were demented spirits. Demons. I arrived before the end-entry. Not a door nor knob was to be found; but a rippling sheet of blacken silk. The deepest feeling from my being warned me against this curtain. Yet knew that I must enter and defeat whatever fate awaited. And parting the rippling material, I ascended into the chamber.

The room unlike the others; lit by candles whose flames reflections danced on the marble flooring. In the middle of the area stood an organ. The instrument looked vaguely familiar to the one from my old church. I moved forward, acknowledging the calmness the room provided. I stood beside the organ, readying my fingers to trace the once ivory keys. No. I heard the voice clear as if it had shouted. It was my spouse. Under no circumstances I heard the pastor say in unison. I stared shockingly at the organ, unknowing and unwilling to listen. My spirit fought hard at bay to keep my fingers still.

And with the blink of thought, I pressed one key. The terrier to be felt was unimaginable. The room grew dark- black as the deepest, farthest, enduring night of eternity. I cover my mouth as the organ turned and out came a being.

There was a hole in the back, clearly placed for sound clarity. I gasped as the shorten dwarf walked out. He, though I couldn’t tell, was pale as death and wore white robes the match. I fell against the wall, protecting myself against the creature. It raised its head and caught my gaze, which I gave unwillingly. I could feel a hidden power within, supernatural and beyond mortal comprehension. I stared, waiting to be released from its hold. As I looked, the face served as a reminder of someone I had once known, but long lost. My memory searched through the few faces I knew only to find no match. Then my attention turned to his eyes. Their tone looked sadden by some unforgivable grief, and the shade of blue was unworldly; unlike any color, tint, hue or shade know to man. The eyes were deep, like a chasm to a narrow tunnel that was never-ending. His facial expression showed very little, if nothing at all. But the eyes portrayed all; words cannot describe the knowledge in the eyes depths.

A sound issued from the walls around me, and the warmth of my light fled. The dwarf held my gaze still and I unable to break through his trance. The floor shook and the organ began turning circles; and he remained silently-still. Vibrations shook the walls to their very roots of foundation. A voice screamed from the hall. The dwarf unleashed his focus towards the door and I too the unreality. The walls were turning like that of a whirlpool in the vacuums of the sea. The silken curtain had sewn its course throughout the walls and floor like a vine, destined to poisoned and choke all life from the living. He turned to look at me, only this time I could break the contact. My light drifted before me, leaving an empty crater within my chest; in-place of the heart. The vine began to whined itself around my ankle. It felt like a snake, all scaly and cold. Attempting to free myself, I peered to the surroundings. The dwarf held out his hands, summoning my light unto him. I pushed with all my strength, thronging my body hard against the floor. The vine cracked and recoiled into the shadows, awaiting another chance to spring. The light was nearly to Him and I panicked. I through all thought and self-will and prayer into one expression. My lips formed and out of them came a phrase. Enough! I shouted. The being smirked at me, revealing filed fangs and demented facial features. And I felt its invisible hands wrap around the bottom of my neck, making it impossible to breath. I rebuke you! The entire room rumbled shook beneath my feet. The light turned course and fell into my chest- fitting perfectly. The dwarf issued an ear-piercing shriek along with its disappearance; and the vine washed into the marble, leaving behind it a twisted stain that stretched the entire length of the chamber. Sheets of plaster and wooden paneling began falling. I turned to leave the room and with the blink of my thought, the rippling night curtain washed over me. I was back in my bedroom. My head was hanging over the side of the bed, like I had been wrestling with something and my breathes came in gasps.

The author's comments:
This story was inspired by a dream.

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