Romeo and Juliet : 2009 edition

August 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The tumbled out of his mouth and hung in the air, reminding her and stabbing her in the heart, a new wave of hurt crashing over her. They burned fiery red and forced her to close her eyes in an effort to hide away from them. Tears flowed freely, carrying with them mascara, eyeliner and pain. Reminding him of how much this would hurt her. His footsteps echoing endlessly as he left her to face her destiny alone. She lay in her bed for quite some time, crying until she had nothing left in her, until her eyes were raw and her breathing heavy.
The gnawing feeling inside her never subsided, she walked through her life as a ghost. Going to school, eating, keeping up her appearance all seemed inane and nothing compared to the painful amount of loneliness. There was a little knife wedged in her heart, and as soon as she got used to feeling it there and started to feel better, she would see him walking down the halls, or smell his scent, or be reminded by some little gift he’d given her over the years, and this knife would dig further into her, starting anew the process of tears and pain.
For a while after that day, she believed she would die simply of heartache, but she kept on living her life, as empty as it was. Slowly she began to take pleasure in what she did, going out ever so often and writing. But the pain was still there. She wanted, needed, something to help her with the pain. Anything, she was desperate. And she started going out more and more, drinking only a beer or two at first, but by the time 2 months had passed, she was drinking vodka with her fruit loops. Her parent’s blind to her abuse were just happy she was living again.
One day, she was introduced to a miracle pill. This godsend was enough to take away all her pain, make her numb. This drug was beauty and peace in a swallow able, oval shaped form. She needed it, she craved it. She began taking it everyday, and she was finally free of the torture. Finally numb, she mixed alcohol with this pill and ended up passed out on his front lawn, with the intention of inflicting as much pain on him and he had on her. When he found her, the husk of the girl he used to love, he cried openly, believing her dead he didn’t alert authorities, he wept at the sight of her. His guilt ripping apart his insides. He dragged her to his room and off he went into the kitchen to grab his father’s rum and so Tylenol. He lay next to her in his bed, kissing her lips and in one simple motion brought the 12 pills to his mouth, finished off the liquor bottle and closed his eyes in preparation for the eternal slumber.
And so, two lives, full of possibility and future happiness and success, were taken from this Earth. Two lives, wasted. They were found the next morning, Romeo and his Juliet finally reunited.

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