July 29, 2009
By Kurrar BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
Kurrar BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
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Melony walked into the bathroom, steeped with steam from the shower. She glides her hand over the mirror, wiping the moisture off, unveiling her cherry blossom cheeks, azure ringed eyes, strawberry tinted lips, and golden lined brown hair. She raised her right hand to her face winding her index mindlessly down her cheek, eyes drowned in a blank misery. The eyes of her reflection catch her for a moment, returning the azure gaze with its own unique grasp. With a twist of her head she breaks free, now drumming over the curtains, steam rolling down from above, a waterfall of vapor. In her mind she coursed over the parade of questions rattling her. Instead, she settled for just one.

“Marcus…how you doin’ babe?”
The roar of the shower-head was her only response. Her fingers curled nervously against her thigh, her lip clenched between her teeth. The concern leaked into her voice.
Once again, the shower head filled in for the silence behind the curtain. Melonys’ eyes drooped to her unkempt toe-nails, masked in faded nail polish. Ruby blue…his favorite color. She stood solemnly defeated for only a moment, as a childish grin soon encompassed her face. A split second later her shirt fell to the floor, followed by her shorts, then trailed by her bra, and the panties rounding things up. With her grin unhindered, she spoke gleefully.
“Guess I have to come in and check on you…”
With that she pulled the curtain back, leaving just enough room for her slender body to sift through, and peeked in. There sat Marcus…head down, a torrent of water buffeting his shoulders. His soaked blond bangs shadowed his eyes, his lean arms bent around his knees’. His thumbs wrestled fervently around each other, halting upon Melonys’ entrance. His head slowly ascended from its’ crooked resting place, droplets running off his jaw. When he stopped, Melony found his eyes behind the wall his hair created. The grey silver that encircled his pupils did not shine the way she knew them to. Instead they resembled a silver coin dulled after years of circulation. The sensation they gave Melony shook her, a ghastly shudder crashed through her core. It was unbearable for her.
But the rest would not come out. Her words lay tangled on her tongue. The pain resonating off his eyes crashed through her. She felt a sting in her chest, a wound from his dagger-like eyes. However he did not hold her long. Marcus lowered his head, cloaking his eyes once more with his curtain of hair. Melony winced at the numbness in her heart that such a look gave her. A look of hopelessness. She was deterred in her efforts to join him, but made her way into the bathtub, treating lightly onto the acrylic floor. She kneeled down to him, her right hand slowly rubbing up and down his left arm as her left hand searched for his check blocked by his blonde shield. She broke through his defenses, guiding his face up to hers with her hand, keenly grazing his chin with her fingers. The look had not lost any ferocity in the past moments, as it still sent waves of frustration through the frailness his first glance created in her. But at this proximity, she felt, that anxious look began to soften, and instead a desperate one had taken its’ place. This, also, was unbearable to her.
“Marcus…talk to me. Let me in. I…can’t stand seeing you like this. Please…I can’t take it…”
But Marcus seemed unmoved by her plea. The wrath in his eyes did not let up. Melonys’ eyes also embraced a desperate fervor. But suddenly, Marcus unwrapped his knees, and instead slipped his grasp slowly around Melonys’ waist. He pulled her into him, exchanging water droplets as their cheeks grazed one another. Melony felt lost, but her hands knew what course to take, sliding around to the center of his back, shifting towards his neck, running through his hair and sifting through his dampened locks.
Her eyes softly closed, her heart thumped audibly in the moment her name escaped his lips.
“Yes babe?”
A moment of silenced passed by them.
“Please…do something for me.”
Marcus hands moved from her back toward her head, running round to her face. As his hands danced around her skull, his gaze fixed itself in her azure pools. She could not move. Her breath lay imprisoned in her chest. She waited placantely on his word.
“Stay…please. Just…don’t leave…”
For another moment her breath remained trapped, then burst out like a gale in the open plains.
“Anything you need, babe.”
And there they sat, victimized by the torrent of steaming water, sweat and shower water running off their bound bodies’. The two were human waterfalls: motionless under the downpour of the shower. Together, unified, till the hot water ran out.

The author's comments:
For anyone who likes to just let the water in the shower crash over them. Enjoy

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on Aug. 6 2009 at 7:05 pm
patricia SILVER, Scotts Valley, California
6 articles 0 photos 12 comments
this story really pulled me in. i want to know what happened! it was emotionally really well developed. definitely keep writing.

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