I really could not think of a good title(4 Fatalities?)

July 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Terra was drunk.
Hardy was bored.
Anya was lonely.
David was angry.
They died.

Terra was so drunk she could barely walk to her car. She left Shannon’s party and wanted to go home. She drove through red lights and stop signs at insane speeds. They made not difference. If she were going to die se would do it drunk. All she had to live for was her little sister Sabine. Her mother didn’t care about her her father either and the rest of their family deserted Terra and her mother when her mother never married her father but they lived together and had Sabine who her mother did not care about either that was her only reason for living but Sabine would be fine. She would survive. Just as she was thinking that it would be okay for her to die she hit two other cars. Then a third ran into them. That was when she realized she needed to live.

Sabine. God please make sure Sabine is going to be okay. I am sorry. Sabine thought please. I know I should not drink and drive I shouldn’t drink at all but Sabine. Sabine needs us. Please for Sabine.

Hardy grabbed his car keys and ran out his door. He was bored. He was going to go for a joy ride. He knew he was not going to bring anyone along because he did not want to hurt anyone. Abigail wanted to go but Hardy couldn’t. He loved Abigail and could not hurt her like that. He got in his car and took off fast running lights and taking curves sharp and burning rubber. Cool, fun, S***! Another three cars had jus crashed. He was going to pull out his cell phone and call 911 when he hit them. He didn’t slow down but he tried braking a little too late. He hit them and he flew out his windshield because of the impact. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He flew about a block. When the cops saw his speedometer it was at 100 mile per hour a little break tap brought him to 78 miles per hour, which was no help. He was dead and right in front of Abigail’s curb.

Anya was alone in her house because her parents went away for the weekend. She was going for a drive to see Raven. She got in her car and put on the music, not to loud. She was careful of how she drove because she knew Shannon was having a party, which meant some kids would be pretty trashed. Then Terra ran the stop sign. Hit Anya on her door. Anya had a seat belt on yet she still flew over into the other side her upper body jerked over and her lower body still in the drivers seat. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her heart stopped. Anya died while her parents were away for their anniversary.

David was mad. He jumped into his car and drove. Ran one stop sign and t killed him. His father was yelling at him about sleeping with Adrianna and going out. It wasn’t like David was getting in trouble. So he had sex he never drank did dugs joy ride nothing? Not even now. He was on his was to Adrianna when he ACCIDENTALLY ran the stop sign. It was the wrong stop sign to run. Terra had already smashed into Anya. Anya looked dead because he saw no body. Terra had her head slumped against the steering wheal and her legs were hanging outside the broken windshield. David went into Anya face forward and then he was hit from the side. His head banged the window and it was done. He lost consciousness.

The story that broke on the news.

Four Teenagers Die In Car Collision

Terra Matthews was driving home from Shannon Greene’s party heavily intoxicated. She ran a stop sign and slammed into Anya Vladimir who was on her way to Raven Jean’s house. David Etta going to meet Adrianna Luca when he ran the stop sign and went into Anya and Terra. That was when Hardy, who was driving at 100 miles per hour went into the three cars. All four never got where they were going that night. We advise you to stop reading now it gets gruesome.

Terra Matthews hit Anya Vladimir on the driver’s side. Anya was wearing her seat belt but the impact was so strong her upper body jerked across the seat her head banging down on the gearshift and remaining there. Between the blow her head took, the sudden motion of her upper body, shock and impact Anya Vladimir was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived on scene. She was going to her friends house while her parents were away for their anniversary. Terra was intoxicated and not wearing a seatbelt. It appeared as though Anya was driving carefully fully aware that there was a party and someone may be driving intoxicated. Anya died quickest because she was hit from the front and the back. David Etta accidentally ran a stop sign hitting Anya head on. He and Terra hit Anya at the same time. David appeared stunned but okay until seconds later Hardy Van Hayden hit them at 78 miles per hour slowing down a little to call the cops but not slowing down fast enough. David jerked and his head ht the window so hard it shattered some of his skull. Hardy flew out from his windshield since he was not wearing a seatbelt and landed on a curb in front of the Sorrento house. His girlfriend, Abigail Sorrento was the one to find him dead. He dies after falling to the floor with the big impact.. Four ribs broke, one arm, his skull fractured and he just died. Had he been wearing a seat belt Hardy van Hayden would still be alive. David’s skull shattered. Anya broke all her ribs, her left arm, a lung collapsed, and she fractured her skull resulting in death. Terra died from intoxication and a skull fracture had she not been drunk she would be alive. A horrible fatality has taken place in Howards Ville, Arizona.

The author's comments:
i was inspired by wear your seatbelt a story someone else wrote and i hope they dont consider it copying but i just had the idea i luv comments please give them!

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