The Begginging of My Life

July 2, 2009
By Anonymous

As I sit here, drinking soda right from the bottle, freezing in the middle of summer, because the air conditioner is right under the computer desk, I want to tell you this...well it's certainly not a story. It's true as true can be. And it happens to be about me.

"Effie Lloyed! Get your lazy butt down here to breakfast!" mom yells from the bottom of the stairs. It's a Saturday morning. I glance at my clock. 8:00 A.M. ON A SATURDAY? What on earth is my mother thinking? Saturday is the only day I have to well you know, sleep in like a normal teenager. It's the beggining of July and I'm tired of...well, everything. Ok, ok not everything, but most things. Like getting up at 5:30 every morning for a job I hate. (Exept weekends but Sunday I have church at 9:45.) What is this horrible job that I hate so much, you ask? Well, I work on a horse farm, picking up and cleaning stalls. I'll admitt the pay isn't to shabby at 15$ an hour, but the time! Oh, how i'd rather sleep in then earn $37.50 a day. You must be thinking, dang that girl has the money! Well, not quite. I have to pay 20$ a month for my cell phone bill and pay the stables 20% a month for the early-morning heating bill. So, I mean, it's still a pretty good, but i'm so tired after work, come home and sleep a few hours.

"EFFIE! I AM NOT CALLING YOU DOWN AGAIN! IF YOU WANT A COLD BREAKFAST BE MY GUEST!" mom yells again. I groan and pull my self out out my warm bed. I look back at it before leaving my room the blankets are still pulled around in the way I like them, as if to say, come back! You need your rest! But my stomach growls in disagreement, suggesting food instaid of sleep.I go with my tummy because I know I'll feel sick if I don't eat soon. I trudge down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

"Mornin' sunshine!" mother says cheerily.
"G'morning" I reply, my brain more awake then my body.
"I made pancakes and bacon, your favorite!" mom says with too much exitment.
"Yeah my favorite, not at 8 A.M. on my day off!" I snap. I want to take those words back, it was my idea to get a summer job, and I have to deal with it. Luckaly I have one more week and the farm closes for the season.
"I know, dearest, but I have some news and it could not wait." my mother looks at me now, big aqua blue eyes, stare into my identicale ones.
"Ok, well what is it?" I ask. I can't get exited this early after i fell asleep only 5 short hours ago.
"That soccer agency called for you this morning." Mom begins
Soccer. My pride and joy, the thing I am most good at, yet I was beggining to think I wasn't quite good enough. i tryed out for the all-state soccer team last month. A month, almost to the day, I think.
"And?" I began, weighing out my chances. She could be making a big breakfast to say congrats on making the team, or it could be because I did not make the team, and shes giving me a peace offering before I go back to bed, sulking.
"Well, they said...there is a spot for you!" my mom finishes with a squeal. I let out and ear-pearcing scream and jump to hug my mom, all traces of sleepiness faded away. I cannot beleive this! I never thought i'd make the team!
"Your team is called the-" my mom begins
"The Eastern United, I know!" I squel.
"Wait what devision? And did I make Gold?"
"Devison one! And yes!
I am so exited! this is going to be so amazing. My boyfriend, Cam, will be so exited for me! I can't wait to call him and tell him the good news! I'll have to wait till at least noon, he doesn't wake up till then. Just then the phone rings. "GOT IT!" mom says. I look at her face as she talks, it is suddenly clouded over with worry. "Effie it's your sister..." she says and holds out the phone for me to take......

you think this is the end? heck no! i'll be posting the next section of my story SOON! Stay tuned!

The author's comments:
i will be posting the second section of this story as soon as possible, please send comments on the story line and also tips for upcoming sections! also, tell me if you think i should continue with this story or start somthing new. THANK YOU

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