Monster in the Mirror

June 30, 2009
By MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
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The monster in the mirror smiled when she smiled and frowned when she frowned. She couldn't understand why the monster was there. She had always been told of the monster in the mirror by her friends but she didn't believe that the monster actually existed.
"Hey are you Ok?" her friend asked knocking on the door sounding anxious.
She couldn't understand why no one told her that the monster in the mirror was about to jump out at her and attack. Did they want her to be attacked? "Hey!" her friend yelled pounding on the door. "I'm going to get your Mom if you don't come out!
She shook her head, trying to get the image out of her head hoping that once she looked in the mirror the monster would be gone and it was just in her imagination. But when she stopped shaking her head the monster was still there and was now ready to leap forward.
"Mrs. Bennett!" her friend yelled "She's been in the dressing room for a long time now and she's not coming out!"
As her friend yelled this she opened the door quickly and tried as hard as she could to run out of there, but it was to late the monster had already jumped out of the mirror and started to consume her body and mind.
Her friend held the t-shirt up to her chest and looked to see if it was worth paying for.
Her friend frowned "I'm so damned fat! I'm going to explode on of these days and it's not going to be pretty."
She quickly then put the t-shirt down and kept on looking at the other ones. At that point she knew that the monster in the mirror had already got her friend and was ready to release it's venom at any moment.
She looked down at her food trying to eat but it was to hard the monsters voice got stronger and stronger. The voice was sadistic feeding off of her doubt and insecurity that plagued her mind. Her stomach was grumbling screaming out for food. She was so tempted but the voice of the monster was dominating and winning the war inside her head.The monster was sinking it's teeth ready to release it's venom just as it was ready to release it on her friend before, but this time was different. Her friend won that battle, but she didn't stand a chance.
She was now 80 pounds and it was hard for her to breathe, it was always cold and the once pretty girl was nothing more than a shell of skin and bones. Everyone knew that there was something wrong but they thought it was better to look away than to get her help. Even though she weighed less than a average 15 year old she always still saw the monster staring back at her in the mirror. In class they had to say one thing they loved about themselves but she couldn't come up with anything. She envied those that were conceited enough to say something good about themselves. Part of her couldn't stand how vain they were but a bigger part wished she could say something she loved about herself to talk about. At home she laid in bed crying wishing for an escape, for someone to get her help but that help wasn't going to come and sometimes it was easier just to slip away.

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