Don't Drive Drunk

June 8, 2009
By swimmergirl GOLD, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
swimmergirl GOLD, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
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Dear Drunk and Future Drunk Drivers,

I plead to you to heed this warning! I’m telling you this devastating story so that you may refrain from and repent form your past, current, and future wrong-doings. I also hope that this letter will comfort those who were affected by the foolish mistakes of others.

It was an average Saturday evening in mid-June. The sky was a vast field of cloudless blue. A group of friends was just leaving for a party to celebrate their graduation from eighth grade. They all piled into an older brothers truck and didn’t even bother to buckle their seatbelts, except for one. This girl had been taught to always buckle up, or face disastrous consequences. A lesson taught by her family would come true that night. She joked with her friends. The guys in the car continued to hassle her for buckling up to go only a few blocks. They arrived at the party, the girl and her friends realized that there were no adults there and that there was a lot of drinking and smoking going on. They didn’t want to ruin the party so they decided if they refused to participate in illegal acts there would be no reason to call a parent. The party went on for several hours, and then just after eleven the group decided to leave as the party was thinning out. The three girls began to walk to the car when they noticed that all of the guys’ breath smelled heavily of liquor. The one then noticed they were all drunk and told her friends, “Lets walk to my house its only half a mile”, but as they turned to leave the driver grabbed them and said were to you think you’re going?” The girls tugged away and said, “We aren’t riding with a bunch of drunks!” Then before they new what had happened they were picked up and put in the car they screamed, “Let us go!” It was of no use the car was already started and the doors locked. The smartest said, “buckle up”, they each sent silent prayers up to heaven as the speed increased. They began to scream, “Slow down, now!” and then there was a boom and everything went black. The girls heard screaming, sirens, and running, but they could do nothing to respond as they quickly flowed into unconsciousness. The last thing any of them remembered from that night was pain, screaming, and being moved. When they awoke all they could see was bright lights and they each thought I’m dead, this must be the tunnel to heaven. Then they heard voices and felt extreme pain and realized, with a start, that once your dead you don’t hear or feel. They tried desperately to open their eyes and finally succeeded and saw familiar faces, but they couldn’t put names to those faces, with dead looks on them. They each then mustered a barely audible whisper of, “Where am I?” The angel faces above them started to cry and then it all came back. They remembered the names that went with the faces, the party, and the accident. They later learned that the four guys with them had died and they were only alive because of the seatbelts they had worn. Then they learned why they were in an accident, besides the fact that the driver was drunk, the car had veered off of the road and hit a house, barreling through the wall. They were then told that four little girls had been sitting on a couch just beyond the wall and that only one was still alive, and barely clinging to life. At that they all began to weep.

I hope this story has taught you a lesson or possibly helped comfort you. Also I send up this prayer to heaven:
I wish for all accidents like these to end, but most of all protect me and all that I love and give me smarts to always use a seatbelt.

A Friend Who Wants to Help

The author's comments:
I wrote this inorder to stop drunk driving and for no reason other than to avenge the murders of innocnet people.

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