Teenagers or Old People?

February 27, 2009
By Nick Clanton BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
Nick Clanton BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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It was a cold winter night when it all began. There was a party a few blocks down from where Nick and Tyler live. So they decided to dress up as cops and go crash it. They went to the costume shop and got their cop outfits, then started back down the street to the party. When they got there all the lights were off and the music was blasting. They we surprised that the real cops werent called in the first place. But they werent so these partiers will just have to settle for Nick and Tyler. First they knocked on the door but nobody answered."It's probably just the music" Tyler said. We kept knocing and knocking. finally we gave up and started looking for different ways to get in the house. Like open windows or the back door. Once we finally got in we started to look around. The lights were still off and the music still blasting. The music was so loud Nick couldnt even hear Tyler talking to him from just a few feet away. They are still searching for a light switch to find the stero and turn it off. Tyler finally got the lights on and they are in the kitchen. With the music still blasting they look to find the source of all this chaos. Nick found the room where it was coming from but the door was locked. So tyler picked the lock with a credit card and they walking in. They were astonished by what they saw. It turns out there weren't any teenagers throwing a party. It was just some old people who were hard of hearing at a family reunion.

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